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How To Patch A Canvas Tent?

Are you planning to go camping with your friends? Or Are you want to go on a short vacation with your family in the woods? And want to know all about a canvas tent and how to patch a canvas tent?

So you will find all your answers about patching in this article. I try hard to explain all the possible ways to patch a Canvas tent. Patching your old tent is cheaper than buying a new one because a new canvas tent is a little more expensive than other regular or plastic tents.

Nowadays, canvas tent is trendy in the market. Camping lovers prefer buying canvas tents because it is heavy and warmer than other tents. But with passing time, tears and rips can appear. For which you should know how to patch a canvas tent.

If you use your canvas tent with care, it will work for years and years. But tears and holes in a tent are normal. You can quickly fix it without wasting much money. Patching your canvas tent is not as difficult as it sounds. Just read the article till the end.

How To Patch ACanvas Tent: Step By Step Guide

Patching the canvas tent will be so easy after reading this article. We are doing to describe the whole process step by step. Before leaving for camping or vacation: Check your canvas tent properly.

Suppose it has any tears and rips.

Repair it first correctly.

For repairing a canvas tent, there are lots of methods and techniques. And patching is very popular among all. So we are describing how to patch a canvas there. For patching, you need patch tape, glue and scissor.

Step 1:Determine The Size Of The Tear In Your Canvas Tent

When you know your tent has torn and you need to patch it. The first thing you will do is to determine the size of the tear in your canvas tent. After determining the size of the tear:

Put your tent on the clean and plane surface.

Check properly.

Find the cause and nature of the tear.

Check the size of the tear.

Different sizes need different techniques for repairing. A small tear is quickly repaired with patching. So before applying the patch determining the tear is very important.

After examining the tear, you now know which type of tear your tent has, which helps you to find the perfect way of patching. If you want to fix the tear properly, follow step by step procedure below.

Step 2: Determine That You Are Patching Or Sewing

After knowing about the size of the tear, it’s time to determine which method you want to use. You want to patch the tear or want to sew it. Both will work, depending on your availability.

Patching and sewing have their techniques. First, you should know the procedure of that method which you want to use to repair the tear in the tent. Both are so simple and easy. We are explaining how to patch a canvas tent here.

Step 3: Select Your Glue And Patch

Now it’s time to select the patch and glue it. You can easily find a patch tape in a recreation store in the market near you. Or you can buy it online. There are lots of brands offering that. Depends on your pocket and choice of which one you want to buy.

Now you have patch tape and glue. It’s time to repair the tear in a tent. Just follow the procedure. Now you can do it with a few more steps, and your tent will be ready.

Step 4: Get Ready For Your Patch

Now you have a patch tape. So get ready your patch according to the size of the tear. Take your scissor and cut a piece of a patch with clean and dry hands. You can use gloves to avoid direct contact with a patch and glue. Then make the edges of the patch round like a circle. The patch is ready for applying on a tear.

Step 5: Apply Your Patch

After getting the patch ready, it’s time to apply the patch on a tear. It is the most important step in the process of how to patch a canvas tent. It would be best if you did it with great care and attention.

First, clean the torn area with an alcohol pad and let it dry. Or you can dry it with a clean towel. Before putting the patch, you should know that patch will go inside the canvas tent.

Now place the patch and cover it with glue from all over. Let the glue dry for 10 to 12 hours. There will be no cracks and curves for best results. The tear on the canvas will seem to be covered and fixed now.

Step 6 : Stitch Together Large Holes And Apply Seam Sealer

Are you read above that tears could cover with patches? But you can only cover small tears with patches if there are large holes in your canvas tent. It would be best to stitch it together with needles and rugged tread.

It would help if you first stitched together with a needle and hard treed for large holes. Then, apply a Seam Sealer on all stitched areas to avoid falling apart. Seam Sealer is the type of glue available readily in recreation stores in all markets. It is a waterproof material which prevents the area of the holes from water and harsh weather in future.

Watch the video of Stiggs Stuff on How to patch a canvas tent.

Do You Need To Patch All The Tears In Your Canvas Tent?

You will need to patch all the tears in your canvas tent. For which you should know how to patch a canvas tent. But It depends on the tear size and nature also. If your canvas tent has small tears, you can quickly repair it with patches. But if the tear is large, you must sew it. Because sewing the tent is a simple and long-lasting method. And fixing large tears with patching is not easy. Patches are suitable for small tears and rips.

Suppose there are lots of tears in your canvas tent. It would help if you fixed it all for once. But according to the tear size, you should use different methods. All tears are not be fixed with patches. So I will not recommend you to fix all the tears with patches only.

Patching is the method of fixing a tear in a canvas tent on emergency bases. And lots of different styles of patch taps are available in the market. But for large tears, you should sew it or take expert help.

How Long Does It Take Patch All The Tear In Your Canvas Tent?

When it comes to the time limit, it depends on how many tears there are in your canvas tent. A small tear is easy to fix in a few minutes. And large holes will take a little bit of time. Because first, you should stitch at then put patches on it or cover the torn area with Seam Sealer.

Fixing the tears in the canvas tent will not be much timing consuming. But after patching, you should dry it properly, which will take 10 to 12 hours.

So if you are planning outdoor and camping, first learn how to patch a canvas tent and then start your canvas tent patching one or two days before leaving. It will help to patch all the tears in the tent correctly and on time.

What Is The Best Way To Repair Tent?

When it comes to tent repairing, there are lots of ways. But swing and stitching are the best and simplest ways. But before repairing, you should first determine the nature of the tears and holes in your tent. And then select the method which suits you the most.

Nowadays, in the market, many different materials are available for repairing tents, from glues to different patch tapes to Seam Sealer and other products. Some are temporary methods are some will work for a long.

As we told you before, stitching is the best way to repair the tent. You need a big needle and a hard treed. Close the torn area tightly and sew it with needles. You don’t need to have any special techniques for this. Anyone can do it quickly.

If camping, take a needle, thread, and some patch tapes for emergency use. And learn the process of how to patch a canvas tent. It will help you in repairing any tears in your tent during camping. Take your sewing kit with you.

Final Thoughts

In the above article, I tried my best to explain step by step procedure of how to patch a tear in a canvas tent. It would help if you had a patch tape, scissors, and glue. Determine the tear, then put it on the plan area for patching it properly. Put the patch properly on a tear and cover it with glue and let it dry.

There are lots of ways and methods to repair a tent. You can stitch, patch, or repair it with different tent glue available on the market. But the best and simple way is sewing it with needles, which is the oldest and simplest.

Hope you understand the procedure of how to patch a canvas tent. If you have any confusion or question, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How To Patch A Canvas Tent?

Answer: You need Patch tape and glue. Cut the patch in your required size, put it on the tear and cover it with glue. Let it dry for a few hours.

2. Which Tools Do You Need To Patch ACanvas Tent?

Answer: You need scissors, patch tape and glue to patch a canvas tent.

3. How Long Does It Take To Patch A Canvas Tent?

Answer: It depends on the size of the tear in the tent. Small will repair in a few minutes, and large will take some time. Then 10 to 12 will need to dry it properly.

4. How do I Fix Small Tear And Rips?

Answer: You can easily sew it with a needle and thread, or you can put a piece of patch on the rips and cover it with glue.

5. Can I Sew Small Tears And Rips together?

Answer: Yes, you can easily sew small tears and rips together. Just need a sewing kit.

6. Do Iron-On Patches Work On Canvas Tent?

Answer: Yes, but the Iron-on patch will work on temporary bases. But not best for canvas tent.

7. How should I Store My Tent to avoid Rips And Tears?

Answer: Keep it dry and clean. Keep the poles, pins and pegs of the tent away from it. Check it every six months seven if you are not using it.

8. Can Anyone Patch A Canvas Tent?

Answer: Yes, many companies are offering to patch canvas tents. Many of them are working online also.