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3 Best Battery Powered Heater for Camping Tents 2024

During winter camping, keeping a tent warm is a significant concern of all camping. There are also different methods, such as layering blankets and warm sleeping bags, but they have some limitations.

Bettery powered heaters provide a solution to keep your tent warm in winter camping, but only some are equally effective. Choosing the wrong can lead you to discomfort in your memorable journey.

I have extensively researched and tested the battery-powered heater for camping tents on the market. I carefully selected the best battery powered heater for camping tents and wrote their features, benefits, and drawbacks, which will be helpful for you to make a fair decision.

As a dedicated camping lover and blogger, in this article, I will provide you with the guidelines for the best battery-powered heater for tent camping according to your needs. Lets Start!

Battery Powered Heaters for Camping

In the following, I mentioned some of the best features of battery-powered heater for your tent.

Battery efficiency: These heaters are engineered with maximum battery life. In the following, I mentioned those coming heaters that have a power capacity between 150 watts and 300 watts, and they can work with a 12 v battery.

You can adjust different power levels according to your needs.

Safety features: Battery-powered heaters are equipped with safety features such as overheat protection that minimize the risk of accidents. This safety feature provides peace of mind during your camping trip.

Temperature setting: Many battery heaters provides adjustable temperature setting. You can enjoy a customized level of warmth according to your needs.

No noise: Battery-powered heaters are designed for quiet operation. It is helpful for you to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of nature.

Battery Compatibility: Some models can run on rechargeable batteries, while others may use disposable ones. In this article i also mentioned some comptible batteries with these battery operated heaters.

Comparison Between 120V/12V Battery Powered Tent Heater

The choice between a 120V and a 12V battery-powered heater for camping depends on the campsite area and access to a power source.

If you have a reliable 12V power supply, a 12V heater may offer more flexibility and energy efficiency. However, if you’re camping in areas with easy access to electricity, a 120V heater may be a more practical choice for larger spaces and faster heating.

In the following, there is a comparison table between a 120V and a 12V battery-powered heater for camping.

Features120V Heater12V Heater
Power Sourcestandard 120 V AC outletrequired 12V power source, typically from a car battery or portable power bank.
Portability limited mobility due to the need for an electrical outlet nearbyHighly portable, easy to use in camp sites, tent camping and car camping
Heating Capacityprovides higher heating capacity and faster warming in larger spaces.
provides sufficient heating for small to medium-sized tents or personal spaces.

Energy Efficientless energy effecienctmore energy efficient
Compatibilitywork well with standard household electronic items but may require adapters for international travel.require a car or portable power bank with a 12V DC output, limiting usage in some situations
Noise Levelsometimes produce noise but it depends on model no noise due to less power requirement and simple design
Suitablilty for Remote Areasless suitable for camping in remote areaswell suited for camping in remote areas
Safty Featuresmany have safty features but depends on the modelequiped with safty feature
Environmental impacttypically has a higher environmental impact if powered by non-renewable energy sources.Can be more environmentally friendly if powered by a renewable 12V source (e.g., solar panels).

List of the Best Battery powered Heater for Camping Tents 2023

Following is the list of the best battery powered heaters for tent camping.

Best Battery powered Heater for Camping Tents Review

Following is the indepth analysis of the battery powered heaters for camping tent.

No 1. Lasko Space Heater

Lasco space heater is an energy efficient heater

At just 200 watts and 682 BTUs, the Lasko Heating Space Heater is the perfect low-wattage for extra warmth inside your cosy camping tent. It is designed to be a discreet and efficient heat source, so you don’t need to worry about tripping the circuit breaker.

Standing at a mere 6 inches tall with a footprint of 4″ x 4″, it’s like having a trusty sidekick that doesn’t take up too much space.

It is effortless to set. You unbox it and plug it into a standard 120v wall outlet. It provides instant warmth in the tent with no fuss.

I can’t stress enough how versatile this little guy is. It operates quietly, emitting a soothing white noise that won’t disrupt the peaceful serenity of nature.

With its cool-touch housing and automatic overheat protection, it’s a safety champ, and I can use it confidently during those long nights in the tent. Plus, it’s energy-efficient, using only 200 watts, so I’m not constantly worrying about power consumption.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable camping companion that’ll keep you cosy in your tent, the Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater is the way to go. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for your camping experience. Say goodbye to shivers and hello to warmth and comfort!

No 2. Kimviento Mini-Space Heater

Kimviento Mini-Space Heater is best for one person tent campers

Kimviento Mini-Space Heater is designed to provide concentrated warmth precisely where you need it. This compact heater is your ideal companion in harsh winter weather.

It offers safe ceramic heat while consuming a wallet-friendly 220 watts of power, ensuring you stay comfortably warm without worrying about energy costs.

It is easy to set. You take it out of the box and plug it into a standard 120v wall outlet.

Rest easy knowing that the ‘Kimviento Mini-Space Heater’ is ETL-listed and has essential safety features.

Automatic Overheat Protection and tip-over Protection provide peace of mind during use. The automated, safe ceramic heating element ensures that the exterior remains cool to the touch, eliminating concerns about overheating during extended use.

The heater’s design is a blend of function and style. Standing 5.9 inches tall with a 4.2″ x 3.6″ base, it’s portable and space-saving to heat your immediate space.

It not only keeps you warm but is also energy efficient, with a power consumption of just 350 watts. More is available at an affordable price, so it is the perfect balance of warmth and savings.

Upgrade your comfort today with ‘Kimviento Mini-Space Heater, the ultimate heating solution for your unique needs.

If you are a one person and tent is insulated then this heater is suitable to keep your tent warm.

No 3. Back Seat Heat Plus

The Back Seat Heat Plus 1100 BTU 12 Volt, 25 Amp Heater is a true winter camping warrior, delivering 300 Watts and 1100 BTUs of heat output while being completely Battery safe. 

When you’re out in the cold wilderness, having this reliable heat source ensures that you can retreat to your tent and stay comfortably warm, no matter how frosty the night gets.

Setting up this heater is very easy. It has a 20 ft. wiring harness with an in-line 30 amp fuse. At the same time, it requires a few tools and some hard wiring.

The installation process is manageable, and the reward of a toasty tent during winter camping makes it all worthwhile.

One crucial thing to note is that the 12 Volt, 25 Amp Heater doesn’t replace your trusty vehicle’s heater. As a winter camper, you understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s heating system. This heater works in harmony with it, ensuring you have an additional source of warmth without interfering with your vehicle’s heater.

 It’s designed to keep you warm during those cold nights in your tent, ensuring you can enjoy the beauty of winter camping without the discomfort of chilly temperatures.

Comparison Table of the Battery Powered Heater for Camping Tents

Portable Battery for Camping

Portable camping batteries have become indispensable companions for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to power their electronic devices while venturing off-grid.

These rechargeable power sources, often resembling power banks in design, offer a convenient solution to keep your gadgets charged when you’re far from civilization.

Yet, the versatility of these camping batteries extends beyond merely recharging your devices.

They also serve as an essential energy source for powering equipment like portable heaters, a vital component for ensuring comfort and warmth during chilly nights in the wilderness.

When heating your tent, selecting the correct Battery is crucial. To maintain a cozy temperature within your shelter for an extended period, you’ll need a robust and high-capacity battery.

The good news is that these batteries can be efficiently replenished using solar panels, enabling you to maintain your power supply even in the most remote camping locations.

These batteries offer unmatched performance, they may not be considered budget-friendly due to the inherent costs associated with advanced power storage technology. So, let’s delve into the world of portable camping batteries, where reliability and functionality are paramount.

1. Yeti 1500X Portable Power

We are introducing our powerhouse with a whopping 1516Wh capacity. It charges devices and runs electric heaters for extended periods.

With a standard 120W charger, it fully replenishes in just 14 hours. Or opt for speed and sustainability with a 4-hour charge using 400W solar panels.

Perfect for off-grid camping and beyond, this versatile companion guarantees energy independence for all your adventures.

2. Jackery Explorer 1000

We are introducing our remarkable portable power solution boasting an impressive 1002Wh capacity, making it the second-largest in the market for mobile options.

For your convenience, this versatile power bank offers two charging methods. Firstly, you can charge it through a standard power outlet for a quick and efficient replenishment.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in the great outdoors, harness the sun’s power by connecting it to solar panels. While the solar charging option may take longer, it’s a fantastic choice for sun-soaked adventures.

It ensures a fully charged battery by evening, allowing you to stay connected and powered wherever you roam.

We are introducing our versatile portable power solution, featuring a substantial 461Wh capacity, which, while not the highest in its class, provides dependable energy storage for your needs.

3. BALDR Portable Power Station

Remember that with smaller batteries like this, you enjoy the advantage of shorter charging times, mainly when using solar panels to recharge.

For those who prefer to avoid lugging around larger rechargeable batteries, an alternative option for powering your portable heater is through camping generators.

With this compact yet capable battery pack, you have a practical and efficient energy source for your outdoor adventures, ensuring you stay warm and powered wherever your journey takes you.

How long will the operated heater last?

The runtime of a battery-powered heater hinges on its battery capacity and power settings. Smaller heaters can keep you warm for a few hours, while larger units have the potential to provide cozy comfort for multiple days on a single charge. It’s crucial to review the product specifications because runtimes can differ between different models.

Now, to figure out how long your Battery will power a particular space heater, follow this simple equation:

Heater runtime (in hours) = Battery Capacity (in Watt-hours) ÷ Heater Rating (in Watts)

Using this formula, you can calculate the hours of warmth your Battery will deliver for your specific heater.

Best Battery Operated Heater Alternatives

Indeed, here’s an expanded list of heating alternatives, each catering to specific situations and requirements:

Propane Heaters

Known for their high heat output, propane heaters are excellent for outdoor and well-ventilated indoor spaces. They rely on propane canisters or tanks for fuel, providing efficient and reliable warmth.

Natural Gas Heaters

If you can access a natural gas supply, these heaters offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution. They are often used for larger indoor spaces and can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Electric Space Heaters

Versatile and widely available, electric space heaters come in various types, including ceramic, radiant, and convection heaters. They plug into standard electrical outlets and are energy-efficient for heating smaller areas.

Kerosene Heaters

Portable and suitable for outdoor and well-ventilated indoor spaces, kerosene heaters offer significant heat output. However, they require proper ventilation and a supply of kerosene fuel.

Infrared Heaters

These heaters use electromagnetic radiation to heat objects directly, making them a quick and efficient choice for personal heating. They are energy-efficient and often feature adjustable heat settings.

Pellet Stoves

A more permanent heating solution, pellet stoves use compressed wood or biomass pellets as fuel. They are efficient and can provide consistent heat for larger areas, making them suitable for home heating.

Candle Lanterns

Combining heat and light, candle lanterns are helpful for small spaces and camping, providing warmth and illumination.


A classic choice for heating, firewood is commonly used in wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to create a cozy and traditional ambiance.

Heating Stones

Heated stones can retain warmth and serve as portable heat sources when placed in pockets or bedding, offering localized comfort.

Sleeping Bags

Insulated sleeping bags are essential for retaining body heat while camping or during power outages, providing a warm and comfortable sleep environment.


Keeping extra blankets on hand is a practical way to layer up and stay warm in cold conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Warm Clothes

Layering with warm clothing, including thermal wear, insulated jackets, and cozy sweaters, is an effective way to retain body heat and stay comfortable in chilly weather.

Hand and Foot Warmers

Disposable warmers designed for hands, feet, or pockets provide targeted heat during outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, or sporting events.

Read More: How to keep face warm while caming?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when selecting the best battery-powered heater for tent camping, several factors should guide your choice. These include the heater’s size, power efficiency, safety features, and compatibility with your camping environment.

Prioritize safety with heaters that feature tip-over protection and overheat safeguards, especially when camping in confined spaces like tents. Opt for energy-efficient models to maximize battery life and consider a heater’s portability and ease of use, as these factors can significantly enhance your camping experience.

Ultimately, the best battery-powered heater for camping tents will align with your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.