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6 Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping 2023

Battery-operated heated blankets are a uniquely modern solution that has made camping much more flexible and comfortable. At a time, camping in subzero was simply out of the question. If you are busy staying warm, you cannot enjoy your camping experience, and the cold weather will make your trip miserable.

But today, camping in a chilling season is possible using four-season tents and gadgets like battery-operated heated blankets. In this article, I will share the Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping compiled after researching different options and reading user reviews. While limiting my choices to the finest ones, I considered some crucial factors of an electric air blanket, like power source, temperature, material, and safety features.


Are You Hurrying? Here Are My Top Recommendations of Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping 2023

Following are the top 3 picks of the best battery operated heated blankets for camping.

Image Product Best for Price
Cozee Heated Blanket Cozee Heated Blanket Best Overall Battery Operated Heated Blanket Check Price
Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket Best Budget Battery Operated Heated Blanket Check Price
Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket Best Portable Battery Operated Heated Blanket Check Price

Comparison Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping

Following is a quick summary of the battery operated heated blanket for camping.

Model Material Dimemsion Charging Temperature Price
Cozee Heated Blanket Polyester 60′ x 60′ 12V DC Non-woven Insulation with 3+ hours of continuous heat Check Price
Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket Fleece 57″x 40″ 12V DC Maximum temperature 118 deg F Check Price
RoadPro RPHB-110 Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket Polar Fleece 58” x 42.5” 12V DC 55 Watts warmth Check Price
Stalwart Electric Car Blanket Polyester 59” x 43” 12V DC Warms up in a couple of minutes Check Price
Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket Polyester 58″ x 42″ 12V DC Warm enough and comfortable Check Price
Lomitech Heated Blanket Polyester 55″ x 43″ 12V DC Low (113 deg F), medium (122 deg F), and high (130 deg F) Check Price

List of the Best Battery-Operated Heated Blankets for Camping 2023

Following is the list of the best battery-operated heated blankets for camping.

  1. Cozee Heated Blanket
  2. Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket
  3. RoadPro RPHB-110 Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket
  4. Stalwart Electric Car Blanket
  5. Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket
  6. Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket

Best Battery Operated Heated Blankets Reviews 2023

The best battery-operated heated blanket must include some critical components for camping use. I’ll go through these crucial buying considerations to help you understand what to look for in an electric blanket to be used while camping. Let’s discuss the best camping electric blankets that fulfill our requirements.

No 1. Best Overall Battery Operated Heated Blanket: Cozee Heated Blanket

Cozee Heated Blanket
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimension: 60′ x 60′
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: 3+ hours of continuous heat

The Cozee Heated Blanket is a high-quality electric blanket that warms up in only five minutes and maintains warmth for two hours on high heat and up to three plus hours on low heat setting. It also has a thermal mylar lining for excellent insulation and a weather-resistant outer shell to keep you warm under any condition.

Power Source

The Cozee Battery Powered Heated Blanket is powered through its battery pack and is hundred percent portable.

Use of Batteries

This heated blanket has a 96.2-watt hours battery pack that is rechargeable through a wall socket and car plug also. The battery pack also has an 18 volts surge mode, other than standard 12 volts charging. One 12V car charger, a wall charger, and 36 inches long extension cables are also included in the supply.


The Cozee Heated Blanket features a very comfortable size of 60 x 60 inches that is adequate for two people.

Fabric / Materials

This electric blanket has a micro-plush velour interior and a water and weather-resistant exterior. It can also be machine washed by following the provided instructions. A top-quality insulation layer is heat reflective and ensures that the heat is directed toward the body.


The Cozee Heated Blanket has three temperature settings. i.e., low, medium, and high. The maximum temperature is 108 deg F in high mode.


An automatic shutoff feature is provided in the Cozee electric blanket to cut off the power supply if any system component fails or malfunctions. Further, built-in power surge protection protects against sudden power surges.

What I don’t like

This top-quality electric blanket is reasonably priced and may only fit some people’s budgets.

Bottom line

The Cozee Electric Heated Blanket is a superior quality product with a reasonably high price. The price is justified through excellent quality and performance. If you can afford it, we highly recommend this tremendous electric blanket.

The blanket quickly warms up, providing you with instant comfort on chilly days and nightsHeated blankets can be more expensive than traditional ones due to their heating elements
You can adjust the heat settings to your liking, ensuring that you’re just the right amount of warmWhile the fabric is easy to clean, the heating elements require careful handling to avoid damage
Available in various sizes, making it suitable for individuals or couples
The controls are user-friendly, allowing you to change settings effortlessly
The blanket has an auto-off function for safety and peace of mind
Designed with safety in mind, it includes overheat protection

No 2. Best Budget Battery Operated Heated Blanket: Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket

Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimension: 57″x 40″
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: Maximum temperature 118 deg F

The Sojoy Electric Heated Blanket is a highly economical travel blanket designed for cars, SUVs, or truck camping. It comes with a 12-volt car charger and warms up quickly. You can also use it at home by purchasing an AC adapter.

Power Source

The Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket uses a 12V DC supply to power up. The included charger fits into your car cigarette lighter and offers a fast and comfortable warm-up in just three minutes. The energy consumed by the blanket is 56W, 43W, and 30W, according to the temperature settings—I.—e, high, medium, and low, respectively.

Use of Batteries

This electric heated blanket is economical from Sojoy and does not include a rechargeable battery pack. It requires a constant DC 12V power source to function.


This blanket is big enough to cover a person’s entire body and measures 60 by 40 inches. Moreover, the compact size fits easily in your luggage and provides transportability.

Fabric / Materials

This electric blanket comprises 100% soft, high-quality fleece fabric that provides a cozy and comfortable cover. The material is also designed for effective heat penetration and energy conservation. Also, it is not machine washable. You can wipe it with a wet cloth and hand-wash it with care.


The Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket offers three heat levels. i.e., low, medium, and high. The maximum temperature is 118 deg F on a high heat level.


There is a built-in timer to automatically shut off the electric blanket in case of 30, 45, or 60 minutes of continuous use. As a result, you’ll save energy and prevent overheating. The blanket also features high-temperature automatic power-off and over-current protection.

What I don’t like

The major drawback of this heated blanket is the lack of a rechargeable battery pack. But realistically, we shouldn’t anticipate the same in the offered price.

Bottom line

The Sojoy Electric Heated Travel Blanket is a good choice if you want to spend less on a heated blanket. The main drawback is that it must always be connected to power all the time. But overall, the blanket works great and allows you to sleep warm and snug, along with excellent portability.

Provides On-the-Go WarmthLack of Rechargeable Pack
Adjustable Temperature SettingsNot Suitable for Use While Walking
Soft and Cozy Fabric
Automatic Shut-Off for Safety
Can be Used in Cars, RVs, and More
Easy to Maintain and Clean

No 3. Best 12V Battery Operated Heated Blanket: RoadPro RPHB-110 Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket

RoadPro RPHB-110 Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket
  • Material: Polar Fleece
  • Dimension: 58” x 42.5”
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: 55 Watts of warmth

The RoadPro Electric Heated Blanket is another travel blanket that protects you from cold during car, RV, or truck camping. It gets power from a 12V car plug and makes you warm and cozy anywhere you go. This blanket is also very lightweight with only one pound weight, and the fabric is also very comfortable and high-quality.

Power Source

The RoadPro Travel Blanket powers up using a 12V DC supply and plugs directly into your car cigarette lighter. This blanket takes about fifteen minutes to warm up thoroughly and then works perfectly by keeping you warm and cozy.

Use of Batteries

This electric heated blanket is a budget model and does not include a rechargeable battery pack. It requires a constant DC 12V power source to function.


This blanket is 58 by 42.5 inches, making it large enough to cover a single person satisfactorily. The compact size makes it simple to pack in your luggage and travel.

Fabric / Materials

The RoadPro blanket comprises 100% polar fleece, creating a very snug and pleasant covering. The fabric is also designed to conduct heat and conserve energy effectively. It cannot be washed in a machine. You can gently hand wash it and wipe it down with a moist cloth.


The RoadPro Heated Travel Blanket consumes 55 watts to provide enough warmth in very low temperatures. You don’t have the temperature adjustment, and it is either on or off. However, it gets hot enough that you must turn it off after some time.


This heated travel blanket does not have much to offer in terms of safety. No temperature control setting or built-in timer switch shuts off the power automatically. However, it cycles on and off after an interval to avoid overheating.

What I don’t like

The RoadPro heated blanket lacks safety features.

Bottom line

The RoadPro Electric Heated Travel Blanket is another budget option on the list. It is an excellent choice to cover your basic needs without breaking the bank. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t feature a battery pack but still functions well and offers adequate warmth on chilly camping nights.

The blanket is made of soft and comfortable Polar Fleece material, providing a cozy experienceLack of saftey features
It can be powered through a standard 12-Volt DC source, such as a car’s cigarette lighter socket
The blanket may have an automatic shutoff feature that turns it off after a certain time (possibly 20 minutes), which can be a safety feature
Best for indoor use

No 4. Best Rechargeable Battery Operated Heated Blanket: Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

Stalwart Electric Car Blanket
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 59” x 43”
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: Warms up in a couple of minutes

The Stalwart Electric Car Blanket plugs into any car, SUV, or RV with 12 volts, warms up quickly, and maintains the warmth until you disconnect the power. It is also lightweight and made up of high-quality fleece for superior comfort.

Power Source

You can connect the Stalwart Electric Car Blanket straight to the 12 volts car cigarette lighter. It has a 50 watts power rating and warms up in a couple of minutes, after which it keeps you toasty until you switch it off.

Use of Batteries

The Stalwart travel blanket doesn’t have a rechargeable battery pack. It requires a constant 12V power source to function.


This blanket is 59 by 43 inches and is big enough for a single person. The compact size makes it very travel-friendly.

Fabric / Materials

The Stalwart heated blanket comprises 100% soft, warm, and cozy polyester. Additionally, the cloth is made to transmit heat and save energy efficiently. The washing instructions recommend spot-cleaning the blanket gently with a moist cloth.


This blanket can make you feel snug and warm even at very low temperatures. Although there is no temperature control, it offers sufficient warmth and comfort.


This travel blanket has little to offer in terms of safety. No temperature control setting or built-in timer switch shuts off the power automatically.

What I don’t like

This heated blanket lacks safety features and is not machine-washable.

Bottom line

The Stalwart Electric Heated Travel Blanket is a highly affordable option and works like a charm. It does not offer many features like the high-end electric blankets but it does the job. The best thing is that this blanket delivers adequate warmth quickly and is backed by thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

The blanket warms slowly and gently, which can be more comfortable and soothingSome users have noted that the blanket provides relatively low heat, which may not make you feel exceptionally warm unless you are directly on it or have additional blankets
Suitable for various scenarios, such as car camping, sleeping, and sitting while watching TV in a cool environmentLack of saftey features
It can be used for sleeping directly on it, making it comfortable for those who prefer a warmer sleeping surface
Ideal for keeping kids warm in the car during winter journeys, making it a practical solution for chilly travelers
It can keep you warm even when the vehicle’s engine is not running, making it valuable in case of emergencies or extreme weather conditions
Unlike many AC blankets that shut off every 20 minutes, this blanket runs until it’s unplugged, ensuring uninterrupted warmth

No 5. Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Car: Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket

Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 58″ x 42″
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: Warm enough and comfortable

The Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket is a budget-friendly option for use in a car, SUV, or RV during traveling or camping. It connects to a 12 volts car plug and heats up in a couple of minutes. It is also lightweight and made of soft polyester fleece for extra comfort.

Power Source

You can connect the Car Cozy Travel Blanket to the 12 volts plug of your car or RV. It consumes 48 watts of power and draws a current of four amperes.

Use of Batteries

The Car Cozy travel blanket works only with the 12 volts DC power supply. There is no battery backup included.


This blanket measures 58 by 42 inches and can be used by two people, but it is perfect for wrapping around a single person. The blanket size is travel-friendly and doesn’t take up much luggage space.

Fabric / Materials

The 100% super-soft polyester fleece makes the Car Cozy Travel Blanket. The fabric is also designed to conduct heat while using less energy. It is also not machine-washable.


You don’t need to worry about freezing weather when wrapped up in this blanket. Despite having no temperature adjustment, it is well-designed to be warm enough and comfortable.


This travel blanket features a built-in timer switch that can be set at either 30 or 45 minutes. It will switch off automatically when the set time limit is reached.

What I don’t like

The Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket does not feature a battery backup and is also not machine-washable.

Bottom line

The Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket is a fantastic product recommended for car, RV, or truck camping. It is also a perfect travel companion and keeps you warm and snug continuously inside your vehicle. The timer switch is an excellent extra feature unavailable in the above three travel blankets.

It provides just the right amount of warmth without being too hot to the touch, making it suitable for comfortable useThe blanket is designed for 12V use, so it doesn’t work with standard house outlets. Adaptors are available, but it may be more convenient to buy a standard plug electric blanket for home use
The included safety timer is a valuable feature, ensuring the user’s safety, especially for extended useThe Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket does not feature a battery backup and is also not machine-washable
It’s compatible with 12-volt outlets, making it ideal for camping and car use, and it doesn’t excessively drain the battery
The blanket offers two timer settings, providing flexibility for various needs
Placing it under sleeping bags is effective in retaining heat and works well in colder temperatures
It also warms nicely when draped across you in a car, enhancing comfort during travel

No 6. Best Portable Battery Operated Heated Blanket: Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket

Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 55″ x 43″
  • Charging: ‎12V DC
  • Temperature: Low (113 deg F), medium (122 deg F), and high (130 deg F)

The Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket features a design in which the heating source is located at the center of the blanket to prevent overheating. The heat source has a coverage area of about 13.5 x 13.5 inches. It is a medium size blanket that comes in handy if you are limited in space or need a blanket for a child.

Power Source

The Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket powers up with a 12-volt voltage plug that connects to a wall plug.

Use of Batteries

There is no battery backup in this electric heated blanket.


This blanket is 47 by 30 inches, which is good enough to wrap up a single adult. The compact size also makes the blanket lightweight and very portable.

Fabric / Materials

This electric heated blanket comprises premium quality coral fleece that is super soft, cozy, and warm.


You can set the temperature to low (113 deg F), medium (122 deg F), and high (130 deg F). All heat settings have a light indicator on the controller in three different colors.


You can also set the timer to one, two, or three hours auto-shutoff. Also, the heating source in the middle of the blanket prevents overheating.

What I don’t like

The heat coverage area is relatively small and unsuitable for someone looking for a whole-body heating blanket.

Bottom line

The Lomitech Electric Heated Blanket is a uniquely designed blanket that is compact and lightweight to be stored and taken anywhere quickly. The concentrated heat source in the middle allows you to warm up a specific area of your body, like the shoulder, arm, legs, or lap.

The blanket is praised for its excellent quality with good cutting, softness, and resistance to water and stains. It’s noted that it doesn’t produce dust, which is especially important for those with allergiesThe blanket does not feature a battery backup, meaning it must be powered by a compatible outlet, which may limit its use in situations where no power source is available.
The blanket warms up rapidly, providing a fair amount of heat, making it comfortable for use
It’s appreciated for its versatility, as it can be used for various tasks and can be plugged into a USB port if needed. This adaptability makes it a perfect gift for individuals who are frequently cold.
It’s considered an excellent value for the price, with the ability to serve multiple purposes such as a pillow or nightgown.
It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a practical addition to camping gear.

What to Consider While Choosing a Battery-Operated Heated Blanket for Camping

You will probably agree that being cold and shivering in bed is horrible, and a simple way to fix this problem is by using an electric blanket. It might be far better for your health and improves your sleep quality than you think.

However, you must purchase the right battery-charged heated blanket to enjoy using it. I will now discuss some critical buying considerations while buying an electric blanket for camping or traveling.

Power Source  

A low-voltage electric blanket is a polyester shell encasing a copper wire grid. A flexible PVC coating insulates the grid, preventing the wiring from being compromised. The blanket transformer converts the 120 volts AC into 12 volts DC, which would be hard enough to tingle the skin.

The primary power sources for an electric blanket are wall plugs and 12V car plugs. Some blankets feature rechargeable batteries for backup, but they are expensive too. Also, portable batteries enhance the mobility of the blanket but offer a limited best heating time as long as the battery is adequately charged.

One of the best features of heated blankets is that you can remove the inside cord and machine-wash it. There are also blankets available with shutoff timers that automatically turn off when the blanket is heated to the predetermined temperature.

Use of Batteries

The battery-powered blankets like the Cozee Heated Blanket on the above list provide continuous warmth at any time and place. It warms you in seconds, and the power bank can also charge your devices. It is the perfect combination for travel comfort and powering your life on the go. You don’t have to wait for a dead battery to be recharged if you carry an extra battery with you.


The fabric should be ideal for use in the winter, especially on chilly evenings when you’re camping. Additionally, it should be durable and soft and offer the best heat retention during cold nights. Also, a water-resistant fabric allows you to use it outdoors in any weather condition conveniently.

The fabric’s cleaning or washability should be the next consideration. Ideally, it should be convenient to clean the blanket and machine-wash it when needed.


Electric blankets are lovely and suited for both home and camping use. Today, they all come with a controller that lets you adjust the temperature from low to high. Some high-end electric blankets provide precise digital temperature control, like the Bedsure Heated Blanket on my recommended blankets list.


It is the most simple but essential consideration. Any under-sized heated blanket will never make you feel warm and cozy. Heated blankets are available in different sizes, and you must decide the best size per your needs.    


Ensure the electric blanket you choose is from a reputable brand and that no melting or fire concerns are reported. Next, look for the safety features which are being offered. The critical safety features are a built-in timer switch, surge protection, and overheat protection. There should be no compromise on safety in any case.

Other characteristics to consider

  • Automatic shutoff
  • Temperature adjustments
  • Power cable length
  • Machine washable
  • Continuous use time
  • Manual vs. Smart controllers

Alternatives to Camping Heated Blankets

Following are the alternatives to camping heated blankets.

1. A high-quality sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a fantastic item if you’re camping at a location without access to electricity and cannot utilize an electric blanket. Some robust and high-quality sleeping bags are available designed to withstand extreme temperatures. But you can search and choose from a lot of available options.

2. Insulated Outdoor Camping Blanket      

An insulated outdoor camping blanket is an excellent substitute for an electric heated blanket because it is more dependable, strong, and comfy. It doesn’t require energy, and this blanket keeps you wonderfully warm. Another best aspect is that these are water- and weather-resistant and highly durable.

3. Mattress Warmer  

Another optimal solution for warming yourself without an electric blanket is a mattress warmer. It keeps you warm with its thick fabric wrapped around your mattress and offers superior comfort. The Alki Twilight Thermal mattress is a fantastic warmer because it has a dense material that retains the inside heat very well. If you don’t want to use an electric blanket, both mattresses are excellent and provide enough heat.

4. Home Heated Blanket with a Power Station

I’ll give you the best alternative if you need a heated blanket for home use. The ideal option is a home-heated blanket with a power station. It is offered at an economical price than the travel or battery-operated blankets.

There are plenty of options available in the market. You can purchase a heated blanket for your home that can be plugged in continuously and is a permanent solution.

Final Thoughts: Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping

A heated blanket significantly adds to your comfort on chilly winter nights. I have discussed a few ideas and Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping in this article to keep you warm and cozy during camping while staying within your budget. An electric heated blanket is essential for winter camping, and making the right buying decision can be easier if you have the necessary knowledge.

Fortunately, electric heated blankets come in various designs, features, and prices. And they are also highly portable. So, you can use them anytime and anywhere without any problem. When camping in areas without access to electricity, a heated blanket with a battery pack like the Cozee Heated Blanket can be highly beneficial.

If you do car or RV camping, there are several travel blankets available on my list that can be powered up conveniently with a 12 volts car plug. So, good luck, and enjoy a fantastic trip and a restful night’s sleep with your new electric heated blanket.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping

Following are the frequently asked questions about Battery Operated Heated Blanket for Camping. 

1. What are Electric Heated Blankets? 

Answer: A blanket with built-in electrical heating coils is called an electric blanket. Throws, duvets, under blankets, and over blankets are a few types.

The distribution of heated coils can be different. Some blankets have heating coils that are evenly distributed throughout the whole blanket. They provide instant warmth and are more recommended. The other type contains a heat source in the middle of the blanket, and heat is dispersed uniformly over the entire surface. This heated blanket can take longer to heat the whole blanket and is more reliable for overheating problems.

2. Why Use Heated Blankets For Camping?

Answer: A heated blanket is ideal for colder camping locations because it will keep you warm even when it gets below freezing. They can make you enjoy your trip under any weather conditions.

3. Are Electric Heated Blankets Safe?  

Answer: Yes, heated blankets for camping are very secure. However, fire risks can occur if you misuse them. Using heated blankets from reputable brands is also recommended only to be on the safer side.

Also, the electrical wiring may deteriorate over time and must be checked regularly. To prevent overheating and conserve energy, use a blanket with an auto-off option.

4. Is it OK to Sleep with an Electric Blanket On?     

Answer: Electric blankets are intended to make you sleep warm and cozy, but they are not made for overnight use. Most blankets are available with an auto-off option because they can overheat if used for an extended period. They are much safe for short-term use.

5. Is a Heated Blanket Worth It? 

Answer: The modest amount of power you pay to utilize heated blankets is worth the trade-off regarding being warm and comfortable. Compared to a space heater or a fireplace, they are far simpler, more affordable, and provide instant warmth and comfort.

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