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How to Increase Space in a Pop-up Camper? 22 Tested Ways to Increase Space

A pop-up camper is a convenient, expandable RV that you can expand during use and collapse back when you transmit. Any camper’s space is always at its finest, and it is a frequently asked question by the people using campers how to increase space in a pop-up camper. 

If you are also part of a group of people looking to increase the space of the pop camper, you must keep reading this blog. I am damn sure you would know about this specific quilt’s answer.

Whether you are using the RV full-time or a warrior of the weekend, you would appreciate the extra storage space of even a few inches. No one enjoys getting uncomfortable or feeling cramped on vacations. It would be frustrating and annoying to think you can enjoy yourself in a minimal space.

If your pop-up camper is a little cramped, don’t worry about it! There are various ways to increase the space without compromising your comfort. Please read the tips below till the end; it will surely help you make your camper’s maximum space accessible.

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How to Increase Space in A Pop-up Camper? Here Are the 22 Proven Ways to Increase Space

1. Use Storage Containers

The first way to save your pop-up camper’s storage space is by using storage containers. The storage containers are available in various shapes and sizes; you can buy one that perfectly fits your camper’s cabinets or the under-bed space. The use of storage containers will help you keep things organized and may make it relatively convenient to find the needed items on the way.

2. Get a Folding Table

Another tip for the query on how to increase space in a pop-up camper is the folding table. The folding table is one of the greatest gadgets for saving the space of the pop-up camper. A folding table can be used as your workspace, dining table, or sleeping surface. You can fold it up and place it aside when you are not using it until you need it again.

3. Use Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-Door Storage is another brilliant way to save the pop-up camper’s space. You can use the organizers with pockets and compartments for storing everything; clothes, tools, toiletries, etc. Also, you can easily hang them up and place them down. They are helpful when you need them and can be put away when you don’t.

4. Consider a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is also a fantastic way to save your pop-up camper’s space. A Murphy bed is a kind which you can fold in the wall or wardrobe when you don’t need it. So, you may use this space for any other day. Afterwards, in the night, pull down the Murphy bed for a comfortable sleep and sweetest dreams.

5. Use Under-Bed Storage Containers

You can use under-bed storage containers to satisfy the query of how to increase space in a pop-up camper. The under-bed storage containers are available in different sizes and designs. So, you must search for the ones that fit your under-bed space correctly. In this way, you may save space in your pop-up camper by storing things and can also easily and quickly access those things when you need them.

6. Get a Set of Stackable Storage Bins

Another way to cope with the storage problems in your pop-up camper is using Stackable Storage Bins. Stackable storage bins come in every size in the market, and you can stack them in different orders, one over another or side by side. Using stackable storage bags is also a great way to have some extra inches for usage for different purposes and have plenty of space for other things.

7. Use Hanging Storage Bags

Hanging Storage bags are a great way to have extra space in your pop-up recreational vehicle. You can hang these bags by hooks or the handles of the doors. They are the perfect choice for storing things like clothes and towels. In addition, they are transparent, so you may quickly look at their inside.

8. Get a Collapsible Laundry Hamper

A collapsible boundary hamper will also help save the pop of campers. You can hold the hamper up when you don’t need hampers and can store extra linens and messy clothes. Additionally, you can find the best fit for your needs as they come in various sizes.

9. Use Magnetic Storage Bins

The magnetic storage bins are also used as space savers. You can attach these bins to the fridge or the walls, as they are best for storing snacks or spices. And also, they are transparent, and you can quickly look for the desired spices or snacks. This way, you may save the storage space of your pop-up camper.

10. Get a Portable Clothesline

Using portable clotheslines is also an excellent way to satisfy the query of how to increase space in a pop-up camper. You can hang the portable clothesline from the door or the roof. It is elementary to set up and also to take down. It is best to dry the wet clothes and towels. You can use it when you want and take it away when you don’t need it.

11. Use Hooks

You may use hooks when you want to hang the towels, bags, oats, etc. The hooks are manufactured in various sizes and designs; you can buy them according to your needs. Using hooks is also a great way to cope with storage problems.

12. Get a Pop-up Trash Can

You can collapse the pop-up trash can flat when free and store them under the bed and in the cabinet. Using Pop up trash can for storing junk and trash will store your space for sure. As it is available in different sizes and designs, make sure to go for the best fit for your need and keep your RV colour theme in mind while buying one.

13. Use Command Strips

The use of Command strips will also have a significant effect on the storage space and will surely help you in sorting the query on how to increase space in a pop-up camper out. As there are a variety of sizes and designs there for you in the market, the use of command strips will surely help you out. You can hang pictures, mirrors, or scenery on these command strips.

14. Get a Pop-up Clothes Rack

Getting a pop-up cloth rack is also a way to eliminate storage and space problems. Just buy and hang a pop-up rack for clothes on your ceiling or door; hang all the clothes on it, simple! It also has variety in the market as many brands manufacture such space-saving gadgets. Look for the one which matches the colour theme and the space available in your RV.

15. Use a Shower Curtain Hook

A shower curtain hook is a very pocket-friendly way to store your space in your recreational vehicle. Like many items mentioned above, a shower curtain hook is also used for hanging clothes and towels. There are various colours of shower curtain hooks, but I suggest you go for one matching the colour of the curtains of your camper.

16. Get a Pop-up Food Storage Container

In the list of storage containers you are out for buying in the market, always remember to keep this pop food container on top. This kind of container is used widely; you can collapse them when you don’t need them. It helps store food or snacks and is mentioned by its name.

17. Use Ziplock Bags

Ziplock is also a fantastic gadget used widely by people looking for space in the pop-up camper. These bags can store many things, for which you are wondering. Like other gadgets, several manufacturers produce various designs and colours of ziplock bags.

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18. Get a Pop-up Storage Bin

Getting a pop-up bin for Storage is also a widespread way to save the space of a pop-up camper. A significant advantage is that you can collapse it when you do not need it. It is perfect for storing clothes, towels, napkins, food containers, toys, extra baskets, tools, etc.

19. Use Over the Door Hooks

For saving space in your RV, netizens suggest using over-the-door hooks. You can use these over-the-door hooks for hanging dresses, umbrellas, bags, coats, jackets, towels, etc. Hanging things over hooks is a great way to save space and eliminate cramping and a frustrating environment.

20. Get a Magnetic Knife Rack

A knife is an essential and hazardous tool in the kitchen; if you dint place it well, it can hurt you, especially if you have kids during your trip; you must have an appropriate arrangement for the placement of the knife and another sharp thing like it. You can buy a magnetic knife rack matching the colour theme of your RV. It will also help with how to increase space in a pop-up camper.

21. Use Cabinet Doors

Using cabinet doors in your Recreational vehicle or camper will help clean it. You can go through the extra thing you are not using right now, behind the cabinet doors, so your RV will look neat and clean. You can hire a professional for the perfect insertion.

22. Get a Pop-up Hamper

The thing with pop-up quality is the best fit for those who want to store the space. One of the best qualities of the pop-up thing is you can collapse flat when they are out of need. The pop-up hamper is also of the same quality, and a person can use it to store dirty clothes, towels, napkins, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are worried about the messy, cramping, and frustrating look of your pop-up camper and searching on the internet about how to increase space in a pop-up camper, you are in the right spot. There are several ways and a variety of space-saving gadgets on the market. It is challenging to choose the best, using the thing where it is needed. Before buying any, you must know about gadgets’ nature and usage.

By following the above methods and buying the helpful gadget, you would probably be able to cope with a prevalent and annoying problem. I hope that this article may be quite helpful for increasing the space in your pop-up camper. Leave a comment down about how useful it was.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding How to increase space in a pop-up camper

1. How do I get more space in my pop-up camper?

Answer: There are several ways to get more space in the pop-up camper. Firstly, you must buy space-saving furniture like a folding table and a Murphy bed. Secondly, you can use bins, hampers, hooks, clotheslines, storage containers, command strips, etc., to store maximum space.

2. How do you organize a small pop-up camper?

Answer: Organizing a small pop-up recreational vehicle is tricky, but investing some dollars in space-friendly furniture makes this task easy. And also use of some space-saving organizers like bins, storage containers, and especially pop-up products will also be helpful.

3. What do you put in a pop-up camper?

Answer: You can put everything you want in your pop-up camper, depending on the size. If you have a small pop-up camper, you should go for space-friendly furniture and organizers to free your camper of mess, suffocation, and frustration, letting you enjoy your vacation.