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How to Get Rid of Meat Bees While Camping 2023| 5 Easy Ways

Do you want to know, how to get rid of meat bees while camping? If Yes then this article is for you.

In our busy life, camping brings us near to the natural environment. It makes us feel restful and relieved. It permits us to reunite with those we love. It enables us to create new memories with our loved ones.

Despite this, a meat bee’s bite or a crowd of bees all over the campsite can make it troublesome to relish the environment. Meat bees are also introduced as yellow jackets; they are social wasps. They live in colonies.

Meat bees are combative warnings when compared to bees. So they could bite too. Firstly, understand that meat bees often invade your outdoors when they smell something they like. Once they detect that your place is somewhere, they can get something; they will not want to go away.

It’s up to you to keep them away by using some safety precautions to help you enjoy your time with your loved ones. Auspiciously, during camping, you can do a few things to avert meat bees from bugging you. You can enjoy camping without fretting about the meat bee’s sting or buzzing with just a little preparation. Here is how to get rid of meat bees while camping.

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How to Get Rid of Meat Bees While Camping? 5 Easy Steps

You have to consider taking some precautions to prevent meat bees from showing up at the beginning. Furthermore, you can use readymade impermeable, outwit, or handmade impermeable. Margosa oil, volatile oil, and fumes from a fire all repulse meat bees from your campsite. Outwit will not repulse meat bees, but they will outwit them forever.

1. Buy a meat bee trap

Trapping the meat bees is the best method to keep them away from your site. Meat bees are more violent. So, protect your family and friends from these stinging insects by trapping them. There are some liquids in the market you can buy; apart from this, you can use natural things to trap meat bees.

Meat bees like sweet fragrances, so you can make sugary things by using jam or fruits and adding soap or something tacky to catch their stings. The only issue is that trapping captivates other insects too. A readymade trap is the most productive to keep meat bees away during camping. A particular chemical used in this trap makes the entry of bees easier. If they go once, they will not be able to escape, ensuring all of them die in a few days.

Its refill packets are available in the market. You can buy them for further use. Purchasing a particular chemical is unnecessary; you can use meat inside the trap to attract the meat bees. But, with this method, you will experience specific disputes.

Firstly, it kills the meat bees without repulsing them. If there is a large group of meat bees, it’s absurd to use a trap. Secondly, it’s not an honest approach to dealing with meat bees. Killing them is not a good option; instead, you can repulse them.

There are a lot of other options to do rather than killing them. These insects are in search of food or pollinate flowers. Different organic and chemical approaches are available to do to keep bees away.

2. Mix Neem oil with other products

We have used Neem oil for various applications for ages, such as gardening; It retains bugs and pests away from the fields. You can mix it with other products to keep meat bees away. There are some procedures to do to repulse meat bees with the help of Neem oil.

The first method is adding Neem oil to a water bottle spray. Spray this mixture on your picnic table to help repulse the meat bees. The second method is adding some Neem oil in fragranceless lotion and massaging it on your body. It should retain meat bees from biting you.

If nix works, put some drops of Neem oil in a few bowls and put it all over where you are seated. Its fragrance is aromatic that ample to repulse the meat bees. You can mix a few drops of neem oil in a liquid soap to eliminate meat bees. You can add more neem oil if you think it is not working enough.

3. Spray peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is similar to neem oil; meat bees also evade it because they don’t like its fragrance. An electric-powered oil diffuser is for sustained usage whilst you can take some rest. Be alert while keeping your oil diffuser for one night because the smell could appeal to unwelcome attention from some giant animals who like its fragrance.
Like neem oil, you can use peppermint oil by adding it to a fragranceless lotion and rubbing it over your skin; it should retain meat bees from biting you. Adding more peppermint is always an option if it is not working enough.

Peppermint oil won’t kill the wasps but acts as a natural repulse. Its fragrance is unbearable for yellow jackets. You can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and a few tablespoons of dish soap to a spray bottle filled with warm water. Spray it in all the corners, entrance, and exit points to repel the meat bees.

4. Use a meat bee repellent

The best way to keep meat bees away from your campsite is to use meat bees repellant instead of making your mixture. You can easily buy good repellant from a pharmacy or a local store. Try to purchase repellant from the most known brand. It will be more effective.

They are available in different forms, but the one that hangs easily using a clip is best for you. You can take them anywhere during camping because they are handier. Few shopkeepers are giving reseal bags to store repellant aside when you are not using it.

If you want to retain meat bees and save your hand from dirt, use these reseal bags; this is the best option. Generally speaking, the following plants will repel bees. Spearmint leaves tend to repel leaves, but mint flowers will attract them.

Be aware that the Western honey bee loves mint leaves. Gum trees have a strong smell and are famous for bee repellent. The citrus peel smell is so strong that many insects and wild animals avoid it.

Garlic is fatal for bees. Its aroma is effective in repelling the meat bees away. Vanilla extract smells bitter to bees, so they avoid it. You can use vanilla extract as a bee repellant.
Start a fire

A campfire is an excellent option because meat bees don’t like smoke; Rather than attaching it to your food, they will be concerned with their survival. For their own sake, they leave that place. Wind direction is another problem. If the wind is blowing in a specific direction, acquiring all meat bees would not be easy.

You can buy a fan to adjust the direction accordingly. You will need a chair to sit around the smoke to eliminate meat bees. Compared with other options, this is a time taking and lengthy process. You must search for wood, arrange it, set it for fire and wait for it to burn out; this all will take a great time.

5. Use cucumber and Aluminum

Cucumber and Aluminum are a great way to retain meat bees away from the campsite. All you have to do is cut slices of cucumber and place a single layer of it in the bottom of a few aluminum pie dishes. After that, put it around the area where you want to fend off meat bees.

When we mix cucumber with Aluminum, it makes a chemical that meat bees don’t like, and if they smell it, they evade it.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get Rid of Meat Bees While Camping

1. What attracts Meat bees?

Answer: Sweet smells attract bees. They feed the nectar from flowers. As nectar is sugary, it proves meat bees are attracted to sugar and scents that smell sweet or flowery. You can observe meat bees in picnic spots, mostly while drinking sugary drinks or eating fruits.

2. What smells keep yellow jackets away?

Answer: Mentha, herbs, thymus Vulgaris, gum trees, garden mint, and mentha Piperita keep yellow jackets away.

3. Do dryer sheets keep wasps away?

Answer: Dryer sheets are mostly very scented because they contain ingredients like linalool in lavender. Dryer sheets keep Wasps away because their fragrance is powerful, and wasps don’t like strong smells. Therefore wasps don’t fly near dryer sheets.

4. Does dawn dish soap kill yellow jackets?

Answer: Yes, dawn dish soap kills yellow jackets. This soapy water can also kill other insects. Dawn dish wash works because it helps the water go through the shell of the wasps, which can go under the stinging pest.

5. Do meat bees bite?

Answer: Meat bees are also called Yellowjackets. They are very aggressive creatures. If you disturb them while hunting, they will bite you. Bees only bite to guard themselves. The bite causes an ache and temporary wound.