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How to Get Rid of Bees While Camping? Here Is the 20 Best Tips

Do you want to come closer to nature? Do you love camping? Do you face bees while camping and want to know How to Get Rid of Bees While Camping? If yes, you are at the right place. I am going to give you all information while addressing all your quires, please read this article carefully, and you will find the answers to all the above questions.

Camping is one of the best recreational activities. It brings you closest to nature. It also permits you to connect with individuals you love and make memories. Bees Combat is common when it comes to camping, as you are out there camping to experience nature, and bees are a part of nature. Luckily, there are many ideas to stop bees from distracting you while camping. With little planning, you can have a wonderful time while camping without bothering about a bee buzzing in the vicinity.

Do You Know What Attracts Bees?

Do you know what attracts Bees? Like every living, bees come out of their hoards and always try to find food. Bees love to find Pollen, sweet things or smell that come from some waste. If bees are at the campsite, they are not in the campsite to disturb you. They’re just there to get food.

Bees are considering how to shield themselves and their hives from hunters besides finding Pollen. To get rid of bees, you have to think like them. It will be the best option to keep them far from your campsite.

How To Get Rid Of Bees at Campsite? 20 Tips

If you face bees at the campsite, please don’t panic. I have the following tips to keep bees away from the campsite. I will discuss all of them one by one.

1. Pick a bee-free campsite.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to pick a bee-free campsite. So before installing the tents, examine the site thoroughly to see whether there are signs of bees or not. Focus on the things that attract the bees should not be available at the site.

It would be best if you had to focus on the following things

  • Is there a field of flowers at the campsite or not?
  • Is there standing water at the campsite or not?
  • There is garbage at the campsite or not.

If anything mentioned above is available at the campsite, don’t choose it because everything above really attracts the bees.

2. Keep food covered

As I already discussed in the introduction, bees are attracted to sweets and food items. If they attack your camp So, you should have to cover all of our food items while camping outdoor. It will also help to maintain the hygiene of your food. Do not use perfumes, scents, and lotion because all these attract the bees as well.

3. Keep your tent zipped up at all time

The best way to keep the bees out of your tent is to be zipped up your tent all time even you’re inside the camp or not. If you find any single bee inside the tent, try to tempt it using a piece of paper or flyswatter.

4. Use insect repellent

If you are going for camping, you must have insect repellent with you. It helps you keep the bees and other bugs away from your camp. There are a lot of bee repellents available easily in the market, and these repellents are not harmful to the human body and are very cheap.

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5. Avoid Using Scented Products 

With camping planning, it is necessary to consider what you have to take with you while camping. Primarily, you should think about How to get rid of Bees While Camping? It would help if you did not have to take perfumes/scented products with you, especially the aroma with the fragrance of flowers because it attracts the bees.

6. Keep Garbage Sealed

When you think about camping, it’s sure that you will spend time at a campsite. When you stay there, garbage items will be produced, e.g., bags in which you took food from home, etc. So, you should have a garbage bag with the proper seal, and after putting garbage in the bag, you should have to seal it properly. If you seal the bag properly, it will prevent the smell from spreading.

7. Don’t swat at bees

If you find a bee inside your tent creating a disturbance, don’t swat a bee. This action will create angriness in the bee. It’s tricky to know How to Get Rid of Bees while Camping? Your action of swatting at a bee can create a possibility of biting you. So, it would be best if you had to use a brush or paper to get it out of your tent.

8. Don’t step on bees

If you are at the campsite and experiencing bees Combat, please don’t step on bees. It would be best if you had to handle it wisely because the action of stepping in is undoubtedly painful, and it will lead you toward bees stung multiple times.

9. Hang up a bee deterrent

Are you at the campsite and thinking about How to Get Rid of Bees While Camping? You are indeed fully equipped before leaving home. The option of having a bee deterrent will also be very fruitful for you. Different kinds of bee deterrents are readily available in the market. You can buy it from the hardware store or find it online.

10. Plant mint around your campsite

Mint is a persistent herb with highly aromatic, pointy leaves and different flower colours. It helps to keep the bees away from the campsite as naturally it is known as bee repellent. It might not be possible to find out the campsite with plant mint. The only option is you can buy it from a nursery or vegetable market nearer to you.

11. Build a bee trap

If you seriously want to get rid of bees from the campsite. The option of building a bee trap is also very productive. For that, you should have a Jar with a small opening from which bees can go inside but cannot come out. You can use things that attract the bees to trap the bees, e.g., Honey, sweets, etc., to put inside the jar. Place the trap at the campsite but a bit far from your tent.

12. Use vinegar 

The use of vinegar is also a perfect option because this is a natural repellant with a compelling fragrance. It can cover the odour you may have across your campsite. Put distilled vinegar in an open cup and place it inside the tent or around the campsite. It will help you to Get Rid of Bees While Camping.

13. Make a lemonade trap

A lemonade trap is also very effective if you want to get rid of bees. You only need a small opening, lemon, and sugar water bottle. To prepare the trap, you need to mix lemon juice and sugar water in the same quantity and transfer them into the bottle with a small opening. The bees will go inside that bottle for sweetness, but they can’t come back due to the fragrance of lemon.

14. Try a commercial bee repellent

If you are trying to get rid of bees using natural repellent but are not getting results, you can move toward commercial bee repellent. There is a lot of quality bee repellent available in the market, and you can buy any of them to get rid of bees at a campsite.

15. Call an exterminator

If you have tried all possible ways to get rid of bees at the campsite and failed to get rid of them and know how to get rid of bees when camping? Call the exterminator, they are very professional, and they can easily find the source where bees are coming from.

16. Avoid packing bright-coloured clothing

Bright colours resembling flower colours or clothes with flower prints might attract bees because of their resemblance. These bright colours have extra visibility, so it is recommended to avoid packing bright-coloured clothes, including tablecloths.

17. Use sugar water to entice the bees away

As you already know, sweet things attract bees. You can even use the thing that attracts bees to get rid of them. Sugar water is one of the best examples of getting rid of bees. All you need to do is to get a mixture of some water and sugar in a bottle and hang it on the tree far from your tent. It is one of the best options to get rid of bees at your campsite.

18. Trick bees by blowing up brown paper bags 

Bees are likely to remain far from unknown beehives. They don’t want hostility or provocation. People use puffed brown paper bags in balloon shapes to keep bees away from the area. Suppose you get 5 to 6 these paper bags and hang them in a circle around the campsite. It will help to get rid of bees.

19. Use a screen tent around the picnic table

A tent without a bottom is a perfect option while camping. You can use it to put on the table while eating, and it will be helpful to keep the bees, mosquitoes, or other buds away from your picnic table. Using the tent Without a Bottom, you can protect yourself from insects if you have a bottomless screen tent.

20. Start your campfire early

You should notice that a lot of insects like some bees and mosquitoes come to disturb you after sunset. The best way to eliminate them is to start your campfire early. A campfire’s smoke will help you get rid of all types of insects while camping.

Final Thoughts

How to Get Rid of Bees While Camping? I have covered all possible ways in this article to answer all questions. It would help if you had to do a common practice while planning for a tour and camping. You need to take a deep look into all the possibilities and risks. Based on all the options, you should have to be fully equipped accordingly.

It’s also necessary to know that there are multiple species of bees. If you want to enjoy risk-free camping at a campsite, we recommend using various methods at the time. Although we don’t recommend hurting the living, try to keep the environment clean and do not take the items that attract the bees with you. But when it comes to your safety, you must take the necessary steps.

After taking all the necessary steps, you still failed to get rid of bees. The best solution is to hire an exterminator. As they are very professional, they will have the best solution for getting rid of bees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I’m Being Bothered by Wasps?

Ans. In that case, you only need to run fast and a straight line of about 100 feet.

Why Do Bees Sting? 

Ans:  The main objective of the Bee sting shield and predator      

What do bees eat?

Ans: Flowers, pollens, food, and dirt are the main things that attract the bees.                   

How do I keep bees away from my tent?

Ans: You should try to choose a bee-free campsite.             

What if I get stung by a bee?

Ans: Handle the situation wisely and try to coax it out by using paper or a bee swatter                 

How can I tell if a bee is friendly?  

Ans: Some species of bees are friendly, like the bumble bee.           

What are some natural bee repellents?

Ans: The natural bee repellent is plant mint.             

How do I know if there’s a beehive nearby?

Ans: If you found a group of bees around the campsite, a beehive should be nearby. Try to walk around if the environment is friendly. If not, you should have to choose another place to install your tent.

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