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How Much Should You Spend On A Tent [Answer & Guide 2023]

Purchasing a tent seems daunting, especially if you need to figure out your budget. An appropriate camping tent may make all the difference, so how much should you spend on a tent? The majority of tents cost $35 to $600 the size, weight, and features of a tent will affect its price.

Assessing your demands and locating a tent that meets them can help you decide how much money to invest. The good news is that a tent is available in every price range. Here is all you need to know about tent costs and the tent purchasing procedure to understand your budget for your next camping shelter clearly.

Not all tents are suitable for all types of camping, and there is one available for almost any budget. Determining the sort of tent you require will thus determine your tent budget. In this guide, I’ll outline the many aspects to consider when purchasing a tent, so you know what to budget for. A tent for outdoor camping is more than just a cover for a few tentpoles. It must be a four-walled, comfortable, and reliable building. Read the article below and get ready to buy a decent tent.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Tent 2023 – Explained

A good and decent tent that will last you for years should cost you $75 to $150. The cost is only one aspect to consider when looking for the ideal tent. It would help if you also considered the tent’s intended function, ease of assembly and disassembly, and comfort level.

You should spend on the tents depending on your needs and the factors I will discuss below. The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is generally incredibly true.

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Factors You Should Look at While Paying for a Decent Tent

What to pay for a decent tent depends on 4 key factors Affordability, Portability, Livability, and Durability. However, the below-explained factors should also be considered when buying a tent.

1. Size of the Tent

The most important factor to consider when buying a tent is its size. Advertised tent sizes include 1 person, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, etc.

This measurement guides how many people can comfortably lie down side by side in a tent. The price of the tent will increase with its size.

More money will be spent on a three-person tent than a two-person tent. In addition, the price of a four-person tent will be higher than a three-person tent.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Regardless of size, some upscale brands charge premium pricing for their tents.
Remember that sleeping cots and inflatable mattresses will take up more space than just sleeping bags if you want to use them. If you are taking your dog camping, ensure the tent you select has adequate space for your pet. Consider space for storing your equipment as well. If you are camping with your kid, they might take up less space than adults because they are smaller.

When determining tent sizes, consider more than just the square footage. Finding precise tent measurements is crucial, especially if a tall camper uses the tent. That person will need a long enough tent to accommodate their height when lying down; otherwise, they will sleep curled up.

2. Are you Going to Summer or Winter Camping

When questioning what to pay for a decent tent, it is important to consider whether you are going in summer or winter because the season affects the size and materials of the tent. If you are going in winter, you should consider a tent that provides more coziness.

In summer, you will not take warm blankets that take up ample space or an electric heater. Then in winter, this thing will affect the size of the tent. So always keep in mind the season you are going in for camping.

3. Material of the Tent

The cost of your tent will also depend on the quality of the materials. Generally speaking, more expensive materials will have higher-quality components. Here you need to consider one thing some tents are constructed with less expensive components that are more likely to break or wear out. Typically, these tents are less priced than tents prepared with better materials.

However, some tents are constructed from high-quality fabrics that can resist more wear and tear. These tents will cost more than those manufactured with less expensive materials. However, a waterproof tent will cost more if you want one.

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4. Tent Type

There are different kinds of tents. The price varies on which type of tent you want to buy. If you buy a pop-up tent, it will cost you differently from a car camping tent, and there are family tents that will be more costly than backpacking tents. So, what to pay for a decent tent also depends on what kind of tent you want for your camping.

5. Brands that Make Tents

The price of your tent may also vary depending on its brand. Some tent manufacturers are renowned for their superior quality and sturdiness. These tents are typically more expensive.

Other tent manufacturers are renowned for charging less. These tents may not be as strong or of the same caliber, but they are more reasonably priced. So, if cost is important to you, you should explore budget-friendly goods.

6. Number of Features that Tent Have

Your tent’s pricing may vary depending on its characteristics. In today’s age, many tents come with high-quality features that will affect the tent’s price. For instance, you may anticipate paying more if you want a tent with a built-in rainfly than if you choose one without Windows; doors, storage pockets, and gear loops are some features that may impact your tent’s cost. The price of a tent increases with the number of features it has.

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Is Investing a Lot of Money in a Tent Worth It?

Spending over $1,000 for a tent that you want to use only once a year does not feel good as this will have many features that can be damaged or in not working condition if only used once a year. That much money is a lot to pay to spend the night outside. Only some tents have this high of a price.

You can spend a couple of $100 to get a good and decent tent. It’s vital to remember that only some people need to spend a lot of money to find a tent that meets their demands. Ultimately, utilizing the pricey tent for the right purposes might be worthwhile.

Affordability is one of the four important criteria that will assist you in choosing the ideal tent for your needs. You should stick to your spending plan. But remember that less expensive tents are frequently bulkier, less resilient, and less livable than their more costly equivalents.

Something between $100 and $250 is more than adequate if you’re all looking for a tent to use on sporadic vehicle camping trips. For models that are suitable for their demands, campers who wish to go on remote backpacking or climbing adventures frequently need to spend at least $300.

But when you choose a tent that costs between $400 and $600 or above, you often pay for better fabrics, lighter construction, weights, and more robust constructions to handle mountainous areas.

Do Expensive Tents Outperform Cheap Tents?

Remember not to let clever marketing or branding lead you to believe that a tent is better simply because it is more expensive. You can understand this thing by reading the below given an example.

EXAMPLE: There are two companies, X and Y, charging $500 for their tents, but Y’s tent is heavier and bulkier and needs to be made from better quality material. It is impossible to claim that business Y’s tent is a good deal compared to company X’s model.

When it comes to tents, cost sometimes equates to quality. Some businesses charge what many would argue is way too much for their tents, just like with anything you can buy.

As a result, while pricing might serve as a basic guideline when purchasing a tent, it should be considered something other than a decision-maker. If a tent is quite pricey, it should be made of high-quality materials, lightweight, and highly durable to justify the additional cost; otherwise, you should not invest in it.

Final Thought: How Much Should You Spend on a Tent

As you have read this article, you will surely know what to spend on a decent tent. Therefore, you are only required to spend as much money as you wish. However, purchasing a tent always involves choosing between Affordability, portability, livability, and durability.

A tent’s cost varies according to size, quality, construction, brand, and features. How you intend to use the tent should be your top priority. You can start looking for the ideal tent for your needs now that you are more informed on how much tents cost and the various elements that influence the price. Keep your spending within your means by keeping an eye on your budget.

A less expensive model will do if you need it sometimes. However, if you’re a seasoned camper and intend to use your tent frequently, you should spend more money on a better-quality model. There is a tent out there for you, no matter your budget. To pick the finest alternative for your needs, make sure to conduct your research.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Much Should You Spend on a Tent

Following are the frequently asked questions about what to pay for a decent tent.

1. Why Do Hilleberg Tents Cost So Much?

Answer: Hillebergis expensive because it solely employs premium materials, which is why its products are so pricey. In actuality, Hilleberg manufactures its Kerlon fabric, up to six times stronger than the ripstop nylon standard.

In the world of outdoor equipment, Hilleberg is synonymous with “expensive,” yet few people are aware of just how expensive their tents can be. Some of the most costly three-season tents offered by the company can cost you hundreds of dollars. Anyone might question whether Hilleberg tents are worth this much money, given the price tag size.