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How to Stay Warm Camping in 30 Degree Weather? 5 Tips 2023

When it comes to camping, you can imagine all the beautiful experiences and adventures. For the people who love to camp all year, it’s okay to consider the temperature. Camping at low temperatures is a different experience compared to camping in summer. Along with that idea, many questions come to mind about how to go camping in 30-degree weather. 

What to take along with you, and how to manage survival? Equipment for 30-degree camping is far different from summer camping. In such a low temperature, you shall not like to end up with hypothermia. It would help if you had a brief guideline to start your journey toward a mesmerizing adventure.

Here, in this article, I’m going to assist you in preparing for 30-degree camping without any hurdles.

What do you need for camping in 30 degree weather?

Keeping yourself warm is a much-needed requirement when camping at a 30-degree temperature. You’ll not want to freeze up rather than enjoy nature’s beauty. But it’s not a matter of worry, as there are many options to keep yourself warmed up, such as:

1. Clothing System for Camping in 30 Degree Weather

Camping in 30 Degree weather needs a proper clothing system. It’s more important than camping in higher temperatures. You have to get a system of clothing that can save you from hypothermia and give you proper safety from any climate outside. It should be relaxing also.


Layering is the most effective way to regulate body temperature in low-temperature camping. You can control your body temperature simply by adding or removing layers of clothing.

Inside the tent 

According to my experience of camping in low temperatures, I had no issue regulating my body temperature by simply wearing synthetic or fleece thermals along with sweatpants. Those can keep you warm and comfortable inside the tent.

Outside the tent

For my adventurous hobbies outside the tent in cold temperatures, I used thermals with an inner insulation system made of wool or fleece. The double coating of wool clothing can save you from hypothermia, and you can experience every bit of your journey.


If camping at a 30-degree temperature, you should carry the best quality thermals because you’ll not want to ruin your journey by getting cold. You can find thermals with wool, synthetic fiber, or fleece anywhere or online at the best quality. It depends on your body type since some people are allergic to wool. But it’s not an issue because you can find thermals made with synthetic fiber as comfortable as wool to keep you warm.

2. Sleep System for Camping in 30 Degree Weather

You can only enjoy camping at 30 degrees if you get enough sleep. Sleep system at camping is as important as the clothing system. All you need is the proper guidance to manage a comfortable sleep system. Also, you should know that the sleep system at low-temperature camping is more critical than camping at the higher temperature. Following are some tips to help you with your sleep system.

Insulating sleep pads 

First of all, you need to know what sleeping pads are. Sleeping pads are used to keep you up from the ground. Usually, these are just foam based. You can keep them along while camping in higher temperatures. But while camping at a 30-degree temperature, you’ll need insulating sleeping pads specially made for winter camping. Those will save you from the coldness of the ground while sleeping.

Sleeping Bag with temperature ratings 

Sleeping bags are as essential for camping as sleeping pads to keep you from extreme temperatures. They come with different ratings based on your needs for survival or comfort. If you go for sleeping bags with a survival rating, you’ll get enough sleep necessary for your survival, but if you go for ratings of comfort, you’ll get a comfortable sleep. You should go for a sleeping bag with a comfort rating for low temperatures such as 30 degrees.

Sleep bag liner 

When camping at 30 degrees, a sleep bag liner is as vital as a sleeping bag to save you as much warmth as possible while sleeping. They don’t have too much weight and can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 25 degrees.

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Super Important Preparation Tips for Camping In 30 Degree weather

While preparing for camping at 30 degrees, you should consider the following tips to make your experience remarkable.

Don’t Go Far On Your First Cold Camping Trip

If it’s your first time to decide camping at a 30-degree temperature, it’s better to stay within your living place. From a per safety point of view, you can always get back home safely and on time.

Backyard Camp

If you can’t go to any campsite due to circumstances or want to experience winter camping at home, you can do it backyard. You can set up the situation according to your ease with a tenting, bonfire, and star staring.

Check for Burn Bans

Most campsites have burn bans along the countryside. So you can not set up a fire or enjoy a bonfire before your tent. It’s not a big deal as you can enjoy camping without fire. But for some people, camping means to be enjoyed with bonfire along with chitchat and late-night coffee. So if you want it, check and search for the campsite without a burn ban before planning.

5 Tips on How to Stay Warm Camping in 30 Degree Weather

Here are some important tips to keep you warm and cozy while camping in freezing weather:

4 Season Sleeping Bag and Insulated Sleeping Mat

Going on a 30-degree temperature camping, you need to search for 4-season sleeping bags and insulated sleeping pads. At such low temperatures in a tent, all you want is to keep yourself warm to enjoy every bit of your journey. 4 season sleeping bag is made to adjust the temperature according to your comfort compared to the extreme temperature. And the insulation sleep pads will save you from the low temperature of the ground.

Thermal Base layers

There are many ways to keep your body temperature regular in a cold environment, for example keeping thermal layers made of wool, synthetic fiber, or fleece while packing up for your journey. These can keep you warm. A hat and an extra pair of wool socks will help you while camping at a 30-degree temperature.

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Take Extra Bedding

Extra bedding made of wool or any warm material is also essential while packing up for your trip. Especially in car camping without tracking, you can carry any wool or synthetic blanket in your backpack.

Eat Calories and Hot Food

It’s a saying in many cultures that to keep yourself warmed up. You have to do it from the inside out. So, carry food with calories and hot food to help you in the 30-degree temperature; you can take fish, dried meat, eggs, dry fruits, and canned food with you.

Hot Drinks and Bottles

It would be best if you carried some hot drinks along with proper food to keep yourself cozy and warm at a 30-degree temperature. Drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee can help you survive at low temperatures. Besides, you can take hot water bottles as your mini heating system in your sleeping bags.

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Essentials Gear for Camping in 30-Degree weather

Before camping preparations, you have to note down all the essentials for camping at a 30-degree temperature. Here are some of the essential points you should note down,

Insulated Sleeping Pad

For comfortable sleep and to keep yourself warm inside the tent, you must carry insulating sleep pads in your backpack. That will help you a lot in keeping yourself warm and cozy while camping at a 30-degree temperature. You can find it easily online after a little research according to temperature.

Temperature Rated Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags with temperature ratings are always important in your camping plan. Find those with a comfort rating to give you comfortable sleep and save you from cold outer temperatures.

Sleeping Bag Liner

If you want to camp at a 30-degree temperature, carry sleeping bag liners made of winter material to give you an extra perk of warmth inside your sleeping bags. These are lightweight and easy to find.

4 Season Tent

When thinking of camping, the first thing you care about is the tent. At higher temperatures, any tent can help you. But for low-temperature camping, you have to search for 4 season tent to save you from the coldness of the outer environment and hypothermia.

Thermal Clothing

Having layers of clothing can help you save your body warmth. In this manner, thermal clothing is always a good option when camping at a 30-degree temperature. You can find thermal clothing made of wool layers, synthetic fiber, or fleece layers to keep layers of warmth on you, inside or outside the tent.

Warm Hat

A cozy warm hat is a significant symbol of winter and keeps your head safe from the cold wind outside. It would help if you kept it on while having a bonfire or a walk in the evening.

Food Supplies

Make sure to keep enough food supplies as per your need and the interval of your trip. You’ll want to come back on something other than urgent bases because of a shortage of food supplies. And do take hot food and hot drinks to survive at low temperatures.

Camping Slippers

While packing your clothing supplies, remember to carry cozy camping slippers to wear inside your tent.

Using Heaters While Camping In 30-Degree weather

You can use your travel heater while camping or keep yourself safe from chilling weather outside the tent. But remember to power off your heater before sleeping. It can be of extreme danger to sleep when keeping your heater on. Make sure to keep proper ventilation in your tent if you want to take a heater with you to remain safe from suffocating.


Taking Kids Along While Camping In 30-Degree weather

Camping at a low temperature, like 30-degree, is not a big deal. But if you want to take kids with you while camping at a 30-degree temperature, you must make proper preparations to avoid any hurdles.

Keep your tummy full when starting your journey towards the campsite, so you’ll only have to set up your tent and take care of your kids when you arrive. And if your kid is a toddler, you will have to make another side list to keep him away from cold. You’ll need a thermal body suit for your toddler, and it’s always better to keep baby bodysuits with a hand and feet covering system.

When to Call It Quits While Camping In the Cold

Although you have taken all the important gear for camping at low temperatures, you still would have to call it to quit while camping at a 30-degree temperature. There can be many reasons to quit, but the important one is if you’ve taken your child along with you and he is too little to understand the need to remain inside sleeping bags and sheets, you’ll have to quit camping as per health parameters. Also, if you’re running out of food supplies, you’ll definitely need to quit camping.


Hypothermia is a condition of not having enough temperature in your body to keep yourself warm. While camping at low temperatures, like 30 degrees, you must keep enough layers on your body to keep yourself warm. But if it’s not helping and due to certain circumstances, you’re getting hypothermia, and you’ll have to quit camping as soon as possible for you.


Some of the most common signs of hypothermia in adults are a shivering body, temperature below 95 F, inability to think or talk properly, drowsiness, and exhausting conditions. While in babies, the signs will b different, like cold red skin and very low energy for not being able to do anything.


Frostbite is another health condition to worry about while camping at low temperatures. But it’s the condition for below-freezing temperatures.


Its symptoms are blistering on your skin, numbness, blue-white, grayish or red-white skin with hardness, and stiffness in muscles and joints. Read my detailed guide about how to avoid frostbite during winter camping.

Final Thoughts: Camping in 30 Degree Weather

It’s all a mesmerizing experience to camp at a 30-degree temperature. All you need to know before start of your journey that how to stay warm camping in 30-degree weather? With proper guidance and assistance, you can enjoy your journey. Make a list of things you must carry with you after research, set up a suitable campsite and do your packing some days before.

The article above contains all the guidelines you need to set up for camping at 30-degree temperatures. Remember that camping at low temperatures is not a big deal, and you must prepare appropriately according to the temperature requirements. The information above will guide you throughout your journey.

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