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How to Make Toast While Camping? 10 Best Methods 2023

In this article, you will learn how to make toast while camping. I have given numerous ways with their methods to satisfy your morning toast cravings, along with some recipes that include bread in their ingredient so you can try them on your camping.

To prepare toast while camping, you can roast your bread over the fire, use a cast iron skillet, camp toaster, Dutch oven, pie iron, camp oven, or solar oven, and many other ways I have discussed below. Bread is the best breakfast food available. So, you shouldn’t be denied this pleasure when camping, whether you want toast with butter or like to slather warm, crispy bread with sweet sauces.

You can cook toast with various utensils, from basic to sophisticated, using different toasting techniques and with a couple of great tools. Read this article to make yummy recipes and your perfect toast while camping. Let’s start!

How to Make Toast While Camping – 10 Best Ways

Following are the 10 ways you can choose any of the methods that you like to do so

1. Utilize a camp toaster

One of the great ways to make toast while camping., in my opinion, is with a camp toaster. A camp toaster is worth the minor expenditure, even if it is expensive because they are so inexpensive.

Camp toasters provide you with greater control because you can keep an eye on what’s happening and manually halt the toasting process when it reaches the precise level of doneness you like.


Start the burner on your camp stove.

Place the mesh side of the camp toaster over your burner after unfolding it as necessary.

Over the wire racks on the top of the box, spread your bread out flat.

When the bottom of your toast has browned, turn it over using a spatula to check on its progress.

After finishing the second side of toasting, take the toaster off the heat and prepare your breakfast.

2. Utilize a camp grill

Yes, you can also make toast while camping on your camp grill using a pan or place your bread on the grill itself. You must be careful around the heat of the fire when using this technique. To limit the heat entering the pan, you might need to shuffle the skillet on and off the burner.

The bread will burn if the pan heats up too rapidly. Again, stir the bread in the pan to ensure all the pieces receive some heat because this way of toasting can produce uneven camping toast.


  • Before placing the pan over the campfire, add a thin layer of oil to it. An aerosol oil spray is an additional option.
  • One slice of bread should be placed in the middle of the skillet, which is placed on your camp grill.
  • Lift frequently with a spatula and scan the bottom for hotspots. The bread should be moved about the pan until the bottom is browned.
  • Repeat the previous procedure on the other side of your flipped toast.

3. Utilize a dutch oven 

The lid of a Dutch oven holds heat inside, and it can be used as an oven. Dutch ovens are unique creatures that need to be taken care of.

Additionally, if it is enameled or made of cast iron that has been adequately maintained, there is minimal likelihood that your bread will stick to the surface. In contrast to pans, some Dutch ovens include handles that can be used to dangle the pot over a flame. In this manner, you can avoid worrying about locating a grill or creating a rock formation to rest it on.


  • Depending on the size of your Dutch oven, preheat it with the appropriate number of coals.
  • It can be more difficult to control the temperature using wood coals, but if you’re only trying to cook toast, this should be OK. Aim for 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cook the toast for no more than 10 minutes, flipping it over halfway through.
  • You can use a cookie cutter as a standoff for your toast if you want to prevent the bread from coming into contact with the bottom of the Dutch oven.

4. Toasting using tongs directly over the fire 

You can make toast while camping over an open flame. Toast your bread using tongs, an oil sieve, a fish roasting griddle, a rock near the bonfire, or even a stick or one of those pronged metal marshmallow roasting sticks.

Make sure your toasting tool handles are lengthy because you don’t want to put your hands too close to the flames. You might have to try different things and adjust to your environment because fires can have unexpected heat.


  • Stick your bread with a fork or anything you want to use.
  • Get it near to the fire and toast it
  • Get it out from the heat when you are satisfied with the color of the toast.

5. Utilize pie iron 

Pie irons, frequently constructed of cast iron, are a fantastic method to keep your hands out of the flames. To toast evenly, the two sides are pressed together to capture constant heat.

To avoid scorching your bread, you must flip the pie iron frequently when toasting. As you can’t see your toast while it’s toasting, you could also discover that you need to remove and check it frequently.


  • Open your pie iron and lightly brush the interior with oil. Use cooking oil with a high smoke point, always.
  • Add your prepared grilled cheese or muffin, bread, or both.
  • Put the pie iron away.
  • Put your pie iron in the coals or suspend it over the flames.
  • Check your toast frequently and rotate your pie iron as necessary.
  • Remember that the metal handle of the pie iron could be hot while removing it.

6. Utilize a camp oven 

A camp oven can also be used to make toast while camping while it is made specially to fit over the burner of a camp stove and endure the heat of campfires. Although purchasing a camp oven to make toast might seem a little pointless, this cooking apparatus is incredibly adaptable.


  • Your camp oven should now be folded up. What a cool thing!
  • Activate the gas supply and light your camp stove.
  • Place the camp oven atop the burner of the camp stove.
  • Put your toast on the center rack when it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so it warms up evenly.
  • The toast should be cooked for ten minutes or so. To ensure that your toast is toasting evenly and is performing well, flip it halfway through.

7. Utilize a solar oven

Another entertaining option for heating a variety of foods is a solar oven. They absorb sunlight and reflect it inside a box to increase the heat. They are highly useful and don’t require any fuel.


  • Face the sun while positioning your solar cooker.
  • Place your toast on your preferred cooking surface (sometimes they include a silicone pot or other holder)
  • Make sure you are receiving direct sunlight by turning the solar oven.

8. Utilize a camp stove

A camp stove might be more convenient and produce more reliable results for making a toast while camping. The ability to manage the heat your toast receives on a stove makes it considerably less likely to burn than it would be using any of the campfire-based approaches.


  • Turn on your gas stove as directed.
  • Your toast rack should be unfolded and set on top of your burner.
  • You can place your bread vertically or horizontally on the toast rack.
  • As necessary, flip.
  • Take away and relish.
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9. Utilize the generator 

You should have no trouble connecting a toaster to a portable generator to make toast while camping if you’re already carrying one, for example, to power a sound system or lights. Just be sure to verify the plug types and power that your generator supports.

10. Toast that fully utilizes your r vacation

Even if it’s a little unfair, many people consider RVing to be camping. If that applies to you, there are numerous ways to connect typical electric equipment inside your RV. Your car may be powered by the engine’s electricity, solar energy, or any other resource.

However, there are probably ports inside that you may use to plug in small items like a toaster or to charge your phone. Most RVs are equipped with a built-in burner that frequently uses propane. In such instances, it is really simple to cook a piece of bread using the prior pan or camp toaster methods.

Best Toaster for Camping

Fortunately, to make toast while camping, camp toasters are reasonably priced. Get one made of affordable, lightweight stainless steel instead of spending more money on an expensive one, which is probably something you wouldn’t want to do anyhow.

Coghlan’s is known for producing low-cost camping supplies. Although I wouldn’t suggest the brand for everything, such as essential safety gear, its camp toaster will do the trick. It can toast four slices at once and is made of stainless steel. Most camp toasters use that configuration; however, some have the toast lying flat on top.

Camping Recipes with Toast

Many delicious recipes that involve toast or bread can be made while camping.

Hole in egg

This one needs a Dutch oven or pan. Use a small mug, a different circular object, or a knife to make a hole in the center of the bread when you first insert it. After that, break an egg into a hole and top it with cheese, salt, and possibly pepper. Once the bread’s underside has toasted, flip. Then toast the opposite side.

English toast

You can fry bread in a skillet, over a stove, or on a campfire by simply dipping it in a mixture of beaten eggs (milk, sugar, and cinnamon are optional). The standard topping is maple syrup; however, there are countless alternatives: Consider bacon, berries, peanut butter, and whipped cream.


Fry the entire item in the bacon fat remaining after frying it for extra points. Before frying the bread, sprinkle some grated cheese on the outside for two additional bonus points. A magnificent golden brown cheese crust will come from doing this.

Puff pastry

Bread that has been ripped into pieces should be placed in a deep cast iron skillet or saucepan. Melted butter should then be added, followed by milk (or milk powder), beaten eggs, sugar, and, if you’re feeling fancy, vanilla, cinnamon, and raisins. Then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a camp oven until the top springs back.

Breadsticks or bannock

Simply combine flour with lard or butter until it’s nicely lumpy, then add water to make it come together. You want the dough to be manageable and not overly sticky. After that, you can either cook it in a pan or use a stick to roast it like a marshmallow.

Here, low-heat coals are your buddy. Spread butter and jam on that bad boy when it’s nice and golden brown, or create a savory version with cheese and ground beef, perhaps with taco seasoning thrown in.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Toast While Camping

I have shared various ways and recipes above about HOW TO MAKE TOAST WHILE CAMPING. You can use numerous things to do this, including a camp toaster, camp grill, Dutch oven, toasting using tongs directly over the fire, pie iron, a camp oven, solar oven, camp stove, etc., generator, and toast that fully utilizes your RV vacation.

Don’t forget to try the recipes I shared with you for camping. So now there is no reason you cannot enjoy that crispy texture and mouthwatering perfume outdoors when there are many methods to prepare your favorite meal at the campground. ENJOY YOUR TOAST!

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Make Toast While Camping

Following are the frequently asked questions about how to make toast while camping.

1. What else may I bring while camping except for toast?

Answer: Bagels are a great substitute since they can withstand being battered within a pack and are often tougher and chewier than bread. The chew is part of the appeal, so it doesn’t matter if they get a little squashed.

And there’s a reason why flatbreads like naan, pita, and tortilla wraps are essential camping foods. They can’t be compressed any more than they already are, and because they’re so light, they’re ideal for long hikes and vehicle camping.

2. Which bread should I pack for a camping trip?

Answer: Any loaf of bread will take up a lot of space in your pack compared to other starchy foods. You’ll likely do better with a crusty, unsliced sourdough, a springy focaccia, or a tougher baguette than a soft, processed, pre-sliced loaf.