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How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable?8 Best Tips 2023

A lot of people complain about terrible camping experiences. What is the most uncomfortable camping experience you remember? Maybe it is a restless night trying to sleep on cold and uncomfortable ground. Or was it the experience of dealing with rain, bugs, and too much heat or cold? But this doesn’t imply that tent camping has to be uncomfortable or difficult. So, let us discuss today how to make tent camping more comfortable and get the most from the great outdoors.

I firmly believe in three things about camping. First, camping doesn’t need to be uncomfortable; second, camping should be fun; and third, camping has evolved significantly over the past decade. Fortunately, a wide selection of camping equipment is available from which you may choose based on your preferences and the campsite conditions. The more comfortable you make your camping experience, the more often you want to go camping.

8 Best Tips to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Below are some excellent tips for camping comfortably, safely, and enjoyably to enjoy the time of your life. It will likely persuade a few of you who are still on the fence about camping to give it a go.

1. Choose the Right Tent

Undoubtedly, the key to a comfortable camping experience is a shelter that protects you from the outdoor elements. It makes you feel comfortable and safe because no one wants to sweat it out in the glaring hot sun or shiver through a cold night or get soaked with water just because a little bit of storm passes through your campsite.

There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to camping tents, for which you can see our comprehensive tent-buying guide here. For now, I want to highlight a few most critical factors to consider while buying a camping tent.

Capacity: Ensure that the tent has ample indoor space for sleeping comfortably. A tent’s capacity is determined based on the number of people sleeping in sleeping bags on the tent’s floor. So, choosing a tent one or two sizes up is always recommended for more comfort. 

The vestibule space and inside storage pockets are also a great way to store your gear and thus creating more indoor space for relaxing.

Seasonality: The protection from outdoor elements depends on your tent’s season rating. At least a three-season tent is recommended for camping, as it can also accommodate any unforeseen weather changes and keep you safe and comfortable. But if you are camping in harsh weather conditions like extreme cold or snow, look for a four-season tent.

Other critical factors to consider while choosing the tent are breathability, venting, peak height, packed size and weight, and ease of setup.

2. Bring a Comfortable Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag could mean the difference between a fantastic camping night and a pretty average one. Especially when camping in winter, bringing a cozy and comfortable sleeping bag is essential. Check the sleeping bag’s temperature rating and ensure it is rated for the temperature at your campsite.

You may choose a double sleeping bag for more space and comfort. In addition, the shape of the sleeping bag is critical. You can use a typical rectangular sleeping bag for car camping because portability is not an issue. But for mountaineering, hiking, or winter camping, I recommend the mummy-shaped sleeping bag as a cozier and more portable choice.

3. A Pad, Cot, or Air Mattress is a Must

Sleeping on cold and uneven ground is never a good idea. Even a small layer or barrier between you and the ground makes you highly comfortable and insulates you from the cold ground. Remember, the tent’s bottom is not very thick and can be protected from damage using a sleeping pad, cot, or an air mattress.

4. Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is usually the preferred choice of campers because of its lightweight, compact size, economical price, and comfortable sleeping experience. There are three main types of camp sleeping pads.  

Closed-Cell Foam

Closed-cell foam is an excellent insulator that keeps you well insulated from the cold ground. It is also a durable and budget-friendly choice recommended for backpackers as they can carry it easily outside their backpacks. However, there may be more comfortable options as it is relatively less plushy and comfy.


When packed, an inflatable sleeping pad offers the biggest advantage of a highly compact size. It is ideal for backpackers and offers excellent comfort and portability. However, these are more susceptible to damage from the ground elements and offer average insulation characteristics.


The self-inflating pad provides a combination of closed-cell foam and air-filled beams. It self-inflates without blowing up with your mouth or a pump. 

Why Not Both?

Let me tell you a good camping hack for a better night’s sleep in your tent. You can use the closed-cell foam pad and an air pad for utmost comfort, luxury, and insulation from the cold and uncomfortable ground. I have used this trick during my camping expeditions and found it helpful.

5. Camping Cot

A camping cot is an excellent option if you want the utmost luxury and comfort. Many people feel much more comfortable when sleeping above ground, and it also resembles their home bed. Camping cots are available in various sizes, from standard cost-friendly options to lavish yet expensive ones. 

6. Air Mattress

Air Mattresses are one of the most comfortable sleeping options during camping. These are also highly portable and do not take up much luggage space. Remember that camping air mattresses are designed to be more durable and withstand outdoor conditions. I recommend using bedsheets, pillows, and a comforter with an air mattress for superior comfort and luxury.

7. Plan for the Weather

Be mindful of the weather forecast at your campsite. Plan your trip when it is not extra cold, hot or wet. However, using the right shelter and other camp gear, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable camping experience in any weather condition. 

Do You Need Rain Gear?

You cannot eliminate the possibility of encountering wet conditions during a camping trip. So, looking for a waterproof tent, preferably with full coverage rainfly, is essential. In addition, a tent tarp or groundsheet is recommended for protection from the damp ground. Other essential rain gear includes extra clothes, waterproof shoes, and raincoats. 

Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is essential for restful sleep. A very basic but highly effective tip is to pitch your tent in a shady and ventilated spot. The tent should also have a breathable fabric, vents, and a removable rainfly for adequate ventilation. If the weather is too hot, you can use portable camping fans or a portable camp air-conditioner.  

8. Consider a Tent Heater for Cold Weather

Camping in cold weather can be tricky and require you to come fully prepared. Choose an excellent four-season tent and a high-quality winter sleeping bag. An insulated sleeping pad beneath you will keep you warm and protected from the cold ground.

If you are looking for more comfort and luxury, you can also use a tent heater to keep you warm and cozy. You will be surprised that tent heaters are available in many sizes and designs and can be a blessing on a freezing winter camping night. I mostly use Mr. Heater, Little Buddy, during my winter camping trips, which serves me well.

Another luxurious but expensive alternative to typical tent heaters is using a camp stove. But it can only be used in specific camping tents like canvas tents which offer a built-in stove jack for the exhaust pipe. This way, you can use a wood stove inside your tent for a great camping experience.

How to Make Your Campsite More Comfortable

The overall camping experience depends on your tent, gear, and the rest of your campsite. You will spend much time sitting in the open and enjoying the outdoors. I will share a few essential tips to make your campsite comfortable and ensure a lovely ambiance. 

1. Plentiful Lighting

The first and most important way to make the campsite more comfortable is to light it nice and bright. Of course, a big part of camping is sitting around a glowing fire, but there are other substitutes for beautiful string lights illuminating every corner of your campsite.

I prefer string lighting as they are more energy efficient, but you can also use the high-quality camping lanterns, which create a comfortable and lovely atmosphere at the campsite.

2. Comfortable Chair and Sturdy Table

A comfortable camping chair and a table can be of great use during camping. Although these are more of a luxury than a necessity, sitting outdoors on a comfortable chair is much more relaxing. I miss this luxury on my backpacking trips. But I always bring my camping chair and table when I am car camping.

3. Bring a Bug Shelter

If you are not camping in a bugproof tent with all doors, windows, and other openings protected with mesh, you need a bug shelter. These bug shelters are lightweight and easy to pitch, offering the freedom to sit comfortably anywhere away from your tent or campsite. The Nemo Bugout, Camping Screen Room, is an excellent bug shelter with plenty of indoor space and a waterproof roof. 

4. Consider a Camp Rug

Getting dirty while camping outdoors is unavoidable, but it should be controlled as much as possible. Using a camp rug is a great way to ensure cleanliness at your campsite and inside your tent. A camp rug helps remove dirt and debris from your tent and adds color and personality to your campsite. When choosing a camp rug, look for one that is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

5. Cook Delicious Camping Meals

Cooking delicious camping meals is important in making your campsite more comfortable. You can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals while camping with a little preparation and creativity.

There are so many camp cooking gear and gadgets out there that it’s hard to know what’s worth it and what’s not. But building your camp’s kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive or need a lot of equipment.

You can have minimal cooking gear like a simple portable stove when backpacking. And whenever you are car camping, you can add a multi-burner stove and a camping cooler to your gear for more comfort and luxury.

In addition, try to learn some easy but yummy camping recipes and food ideas to cook your meal quickly using minimal cooking gear.

Do You Need Your Toilet or Shower?

It depends on your comfort level and the amenities offered at your campsite. Some developed campgrounds have toilets and hot showers available, while others could have a lake or stream close by where you can wash up. While camping in an established campground with contemporary amenities, you only need your toilet or shower. However, if you’re backpacking or camping in a remote location, you may bring your portable toilet and a solar shower for utmost luxury and comfort.

6. Use Portable Power to Charge Your Devices

You can stay connected and powered up by bringing a portable power source while enjoying the great outdoors. Following are a few options to charge your devices while camping in a remote location.

Portable Power Banks: You can charge your devices on the road with a portable power bank, a small, rechargeable battery. A built-in solar panel makes some power banks perfect for use while camping.

Solar Panels: Portable solar panels are an excellent choice for remote camping providing clean, renewable energy and powering various devices. They can also be paired with your power bank to keep it charged.

Car Charger Inverters: You can use a car charger inverter to transform the battery power in your car into usable AC power if you’re camping in an RV or car.

Generator: Though a bulky and more expensive choice, a generator may supply a sizable amount of electricity for your gadgets and your campsite lighting that may not be available with solar panels or portable power banks.

Other Tips to Make Camping More Comfortable

Following are some basic but highly useful camping hacks to make camping more comfortable.

Bring your home pillow: If you cannot sleep on any pillow other than your home pillow, it is strongly recommended to bring it with you while camping for a restful night’s sleep.

Regular Bedding: Your home bedsheet, quilt, and blanket can make you feel homely and comfortable during camping. It will also save you from incurring additional costs on camping bedsheets and other sleeping stuff.

Warm Up Before Bed: Warming up before bed is critical during winter camping. You can warm up using a tent heater or a campfire. Keeping a hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag is also helpful. 

Keep It Clean: Make sure your tent is clean before you set it up. Especially look for mold and mildew that can stick to the tent due to improper storage. Also, regularly sweep your tent and campsite for a clean and comfortable atmosphere. 

Pack Plenty of Clothes: Keeping yourself clean will have a refreshing impact on your overall camping experience. So, bring as many clothes as possible and change them regularly just like at home.

Ear Plugs and Eye Covers: Ear plugs and eye covers are handy gadgets; without them, you cannot enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a camping tent. So, remember to bring these on a camping trip. 

Get Creative With Gear Storage

An organized and tidy tent interior means a more comfortable indoor space. As you are limited on space while camping, you must be creative and learn some simple gear storage hacks to manage your gear space efficiently.

An excellent hack is to look for hanging storage options like a hanging shoe rack or fabric drawers, which can be hung from the tent’s roof. These racks or drawers are collapsible and have a very compact packed size. This way, you can keep your gear organized and safe and save crucial floor space inside the tent.  

Pack Side Tables

Consider bringing a set of folding side tables to make things more convenient when you’re in your tent at night. These tables are handy for storing various items that may damage if you put them on the floor, like cell phones, watches, and other breakable stuff. So, the side tables significantly increase your comfort level and are highly portable. 

Invest In A Solar Generator

The solar generator can provide enough power supply to ensure all your devices, including campsite lights, remain powered up all the time. If the weather is clear and sunny at your campsite, a solar generator is an excellent choice for all kinds of power needs and for staying connected all the time. 

Create Calming Aromas With A Diffuser

Fragrances have a soothing effect and make you relaxed and comfortable. You can use scented candles outside, but it is a fire hazard inside the tent. A battery-powered oil diffuser is an excellent choice to enrich your tent with soothing fragrances. 

Choose A Tent With A Screen Porch

Opt for the tent with a screen porch for added luxury and convenience. The screen rooms are great for enjoying the outdoors comfortably, with adequate protection from bugs, sun, or rain. They also provide you with a well-ventilated and cool place during summer camping.

Other uses of a tent’s screen room include keeping your gear dry and protected from the elements. If your tent does not feature a screen room, look for a big front awning to protect from sun and rain.

Pack Lots Of Throw Pillows And Fleece Blankets

Besides your home pillow and regular bedsheets, bring lots of throw pillows and fleece blankets, as they will only take up a little luggage space and add a dose of extra comfort and coziness while you sleep.

Make Real Coffee In The Morning

Coffee lovers can easily understand how important freshly made morning coffee is for the rest of your day. But the point here is to avoid instant coffee packs and use your favorite coffee beans to get the real taste. You only need a portable coffee grinder to enjoy a real coffee taste at your campsite.

Bring A Speaker

If music is your thing, then consider bringing portable speakers. Speaker models available these days can connect to your smartphone and are very compact and lightweight. 

Spruce Things Up With Flowers

Flowers and greenery can naturally make any place much more beautiful and comfortable. Just bring two or three vases and flowers from your home and place them around your tent. Do not pluck wildflowers from the campground, as it violates the Leave-No-Trace camping rules. 

Bring Board Games

Indoor games give you quality camping time, especially when you only have a little to do outdoors. Even if you aren’t a big lover of board games, they are a great way to pass the time when it’s raining or dark outside.

Sleep Without The Rainfly

Most tents have removable rainfly so you can get them off when not required. It helps you better view the surroundings and makes the tent more airy and comfortable. In addition, you can also enjoy watching the star-filled sky from the comfort of your tent.

Comfortable Camping Alternatives

Now, let us discuss some highly comfortable and luxurious alternatives to conventional camping that can give you a memorable camping experience. 


Glamping is a luxurious camping style that takes outdoor camping to a new level. It involves camping in lavish glamping tents that are no less comfortable and big than your home bedroom. Of course, these tents are bulky and suitable for car or truck camping. You can easily place a king-size bed, camping chairs, and table inside for an ultimate camping experience.

Hammock Camping

Sleeping in a hammock is a budget-friendly solution if you don’t like sleeping on the ground in a tent. You can get a comfortable hammock of your choice from various options available. I recommend you try hammock camping once, which can be your favorite camping style for the coming years.

Car Camping

Car camping can be done in two ways. You can sleep in your car with a few necessary arrangements or use a roof-top tent fixed on your car or SUV for a unique camping experience. 

RV, Trailer, or Van

Camping in an RV, Trailer, or Van helps you enjoy many facilities unavailable in tent camping. You can have a proper toilet, kitchen, and a warm and comfortable sleeping area with adequate protection from outdoor elements.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Tent Camping is one of the most amazing adventures and offers incredible experiences you wouldn’t have if you had never left your home. I know tent camping is challenging and requires knowledge, experience, and a lot of practice. However, tent camping can be made a lot more comfortable and enjoyable without much effort. 

It is easy to add luxury and comfort to your camping experience if you sort basics like protection from the outdoor elements, a comfy camp bed, proper camp lighting, and adding critical gear to your camp kit. I hope the above tips and tricks on how to make tent camping more comfortable will help you camp in style and comfort every single time. 

Now, I would like to hear from you if you have any specific questions for me. Have a great day, and happy camping!