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How To Hang Lights in a Tent? 8 Best Steps 2023

It is important to understand how to light your tent over going on a camping vacation. It would seem you must have good light in your tent. But I observe that many ardent campers struggle to illuminate their tent correctly. How to hang lights in a tent is a practical solution when you need to decorate a space; a workable thing is how to hang lights in a tent.

The location must be where you can quickly get the light in case you require it at night. The weight of your light has an impact on how durable it is. A tent support pole will typically be strong enough to hold most lights. You must read the answers offered in the article to learn how to perfectly hang lights in a tent.

How Do You Hang Lights in A Tent?

Most people are camping, sleeping in tents and toasting marshmallows over a fire. Some campers look for more challenging locations and activities, even if this is still the main focus on how to hang lights in a tent.There are several techniques you can use to hang lights inside a tent.

Thin rope light with a small LED can be considered the best choice. Light strings, which resemble Christmas lights, are another option.

Think about putting lights inside your tent! You may make your tent feel exciting and festive using string lights or battery-operated lights. Here are some pointers on how to carry it out effectively and safely. Camping is fun!

How Do You Hang Strings Light in A Tent? 8 Easy and Quick Steps

Choose the location in the tent where you wish to hang your lights. Be careful to avoid locations that could pose a fire risk, such as close to the stove or the campfire.

  1. Choose the ideal location and secure one end of the light string cable to a firm object.
  2. If you have the battery-operated lights, try to take the batteries from their container and put them on the light strand.
  3. If you use battery-operated lights, turn them on by flipping the switch at the plug-in.
  4. The cord should be spread out and draped over the supporting structure.
  5. After you’ve secured the strand, plug it in or turn the battery pack on.
  6. Any additional light strings should be hung, carefully positioning them apart so they don’t touch.
  7. Finally, relax and take in your job of love! Now that you have the ideal light show to create the right atmosphere, you can unwind in your tent with confidence.

How Do You Light Up A Tent?

As was already described, there are four significant ways to hang a camping light in a tent. Each choice can occasionally feature on many lights used for camping (apart from the string, of course). The four ways to hang your light in a tent are covered in the sections below.


A hook is the first and most reliable. Most tent lights contain a hooking system on the base of the light. How to hang lights in a tent if the centre pole of your tent is not so strong. Make sure, though, that it isn’t compromising the strength of the pole holding the tent up. Avoid this at all costs because you don’t want your tent to collapse at night.

A pop-up tent may not always have accessible poles because the cloth will hide them. In most cases, they will have a looped piece of fabric to make up for it if this is the case.


Velcro is yet another solution that we heartily recommend. The solid and long-lasting substance makes it perfect for hanging a light. You’ll need both the hook and loop varieties of Velcro, and you should also make sure that both have adhesive strips on the back.

Once you have both, you should attach a strip to the light and a handy location inside the tent. Once you’ve done that, you can Velcro your light to the patch you just attached.

If the Velcro option tickles your interest, I suggest you look at our Illumidome. This tiny lighting device is powerful and has a 100-hour working life. It also has a Velcro hook that you may use to hang around a support pole or attach to your strip.


Some illumination options, such as lanterns and flashlights, have a magnetic component. If it does, all you might need to hang it in a tent is one magnet. Although it’s not too tricky, two people might be required depending on your tent size.

However, you should be able to do this quickly if you have a modest tent (single or double). You must choose a specific location for your magnetic torch and set the other magnet outside the tent. Avoid making the magnets in contact with one another while doing this to prevent fabric damage to the tent.


If you are struggling with how to hang lights in a tent because you don’t have enough materials, you may always utilize string-like materials to hang your light from the ceiling. A handle is usually included with lamps or lanterns. If your lamp has one of these, you can use string to hang it from a tent support pole or one of the fabric hooks.

How to Hang Rope Lights in a Camping Tent

For lighting a tent, rope lights are a fantastic alternative. They are ideal for camping vacations because they are simple to install and offer a steady level of light. You can get many sets of rope lights to hang around your entire campsite because they are reasonably priced.

The proper cord must be used when hanging rope lights inside a tent. Rope lights come in two primary varieties: those with an exposed wire and those covered in PVC.

Although less expensive, exposed wire rope lights can be more dangerous because the cables are more susceptible to damage. Although more expensive, PVC-coated rope lights are more robust and secure. Once you’ve determined how to hang lights in a tent, follow the directions to hang them:

  1. Identify the place where you comfort to hang the lights. Ensure that there are no potential fire hazards present.
  2. With the help of scissors, cut a rope light as per your desired length.
  3. Hang the loop over tent support or another object.
  4. Make a cool loop light by feeding one rope’s end through the other.
  5. Pull the rope tightly, so it is snug against the support.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all of the rope light is hung in the tent.
  7. Plug in the cord and enjoy your new camp lighting!

How to choose the right hang light for a Your Tent

There are a few factors to consider while picking the ideal string lights for your tent. Decide first how to hang lights in a tent and what size strands you’ll need for this. You also have to decide on the power source, whether battery- or plug-powered.

Once you’ve decided on those elements, you can begin researching other lighting designs. You can select the ideal set of lights from various colours and patterns for your requirements.

Finally, it is important to read out all instructions before light installation. By doing so, you’ll be able to install your lights correctly and securely and enjoy them for many years to come.

What are the best hang lights for the tents?

When the question is how to hang lights in a tent, I advise lightweight, waterproof, and easy-to-install camping tent lights. Some of the best hanging lights are the followings:

  • Hanging Light Bulbs
  • Fan-Integrated Lighting
  • Solar String Lights
  • Rope Lights
  • Collapsible Solar Lanterns
  • A Lantern That Doesn’t Collapse
  • Battery Operated Lantern
  • Corded String Lights
  • Motion Sensor Lightin

Final Thought

 In the end, I can say that every camper should need to light up their tent with an available source of light. But how to hang lights in a tent is a question I have focused on for the solution.

Finally, I would say that you have enough knowledge to select the best hanging lights and ways to hang them in your tent. Types of hanging lights will be helpful for you in selecting the best one for your tent. Additionally, you will learn how to light up your tent; choose the best from the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to hang string lights while camping?

Answer: During your camping, you can apply different ways to know how to hang lights in a tent. One choice is battery-powered lights, which may be hung with tape or hooks.

One more option is to use an extension cord to utilize plug-in lights that can be placed over items like tents or trees. Last but not least, some string lights have a built-in hanging system that may be used to suspend the lights from a tent pole or other structure.

2. Can LED lights can be used for Tents?

Answer: Yes! Camping lovers might consider using LED lights because they are solid and economical with electricity. You can choose the ideal set of lights from various colours and designs for your needs.

3. What is the best way to make a solar-powered camping light?

Answer: Installing solar-powered camping lights can be done in a few different ways. One alternative is buying a solar-powered LED light, which can be placed in a sunny area during the day and provide light at night.

Another choice is to create your solar-powered light by mounting a battery-operated LED light to a small solar panel in a sunny location. The last option is to buy a solar-powered lantern, which may be used to create light without using batteries or another power source.

4. How do you hang a bunting on a tent?

Answer: A banner can be hung on a tent in various ways. The fabric can be attached to the tent’s interior using transparent tape or hooks.

Another choice is to hang the bunting from structures like tents or trees. Last but not least, some banner has a hanging device built into them that can be used to hang them from a tent pole or other object.

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