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How Much Firewood Do I Need for Camping?

How much firewood do I need for camping? It is always questionable among foodie campers. But don’t worry, here you will find the answer to all your questions related to campfire wood.

A campfire is where people can enjoy the atmosphere and feel relaxed during holidays. For this purpose, they planned to go camping outside. They need many things for their use, such as tents, crockery, stable items, and wood for cooking and heating.

Firewood is any wooden material that is gathered and used for fuel. Generally, firewood is not highly processed. The woods that gives you longer burn time, such as maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruits tree, are the best burning woods. All the woods burn at different times. Some burn hotter, slower, and cleaner than others. But some of them give smoke a lot. The woods that produce more heat and burn are the best type of wood.

How to Determine How Much Firewood You Need for Camping?

When planning a camping trip, figuring out how much firewood you need per day is one of the biggest concerns. Generally, you need 2 to 5 bundles per day for your campfires.

Here are some of the most important factors to remember when planning a trip.

1. Trip length

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and get outside, but ensure you have all the necessary supplies. The tent is an important item to bring. You need an adequately insulated tent if you plan on camping in winter. Otherwise, you will be miserable. The other thing is firewood.

How many bundles do you need for camping? The figure depends on the days you spend camping. It would help if you had more firewood for extended camping instead of shorter ones. You need to have more cash on hand to purchase firewood with.

First, you decide how many days you will go camping, and then you should know that you may need 2 to 5 bundles per day.

2. Local weather and conditions

Weather or climate may affect camping. If planning a summer camping trip in a hot, dry climate, then it is unlikely you will need a campfire as bundles as you would somewhere cooler. Due to the danger of wildfire, campfire is not allowed in some areas.

In wet and windy weather conditions, you need extra firewood because those weather conditions reduce your fire’s burning efficiency.

3. Campfire habits

Your campfire habit is another major factor affecting your need for wood. For example, some people enjoy 5 to 6 hours of having a fire every night. They will need more wood than others.

4. Wood moisture content

One of the most significant features affecting how efficiently a fire can be burned is dry firewood. You will easily start your campfire with dry wood.
As you know, wet conditions are not ideal for a campfire, but if the weather is bright and sunny, you have wet firewood that will not be good for starting a fire camping. So dried seasoned wood is the best for a campfire.

5. Local Regulation

Due to the danger of wildfire, campfires are not allowed in some areas. Always look carefully at the campfire. Never leave the campfire unattended. Time an adult should supervise the campfire. It would help if you kept a bucket of water nearby. Don’t pull sticks out of the fire.

What Kind of Firewood Should I Use for Camping?

Choosing the right type of wood plays an important role. Many types of wood can be used for campfires. Some are better than others. Oak, hickory, and maple are ideal because they are hardwood and burn hot and slow. This kind of wood provides last more prolonged heat.

There are two types of wood that are used in camping.

1.       Hardwood
2.       Softwood


Hardwood trees are slow growing. They are dark in color, burn slowly, and produce dense wood. They drop their leaves. Hardwood used for firewood includes oak, ash, and birch. They are best for cooking and producing fire because they burn slowly and have more heat than softwood.


Softwood grows much faster than hardwood. Softwood is lower and lighter in density. They produce more smoke, so they are better for outdoor use. These trees are used in the paper and construction industries. Fire, pine, spruce, and cedar are commonly burned softwood.

Where to Find Wood for Camping Trips?

Camping is just fun and inexpensive activity for people. However, the price of firewood may affect your budget. You can pay $5 and $10 for a bundle if you buy firewood on the campground. Firewood is mostly sold in bundles, each consisting of 4 to 5 pieces of wood. Most people burn two piles per night; each bundle consists of 4 to 5 pieces of wood and burns in 1 to 2 hours.

There are two options for finding firewood for camping:

1. Purchase firewood.
2. Collect firewood.

Purchase firewood

Here is the list of where you can purchase firewood for camping.

Local woodcutter

It is best to buy wood from a Local woodcutter because they sell it at a very cheap price in bulk. They gathered the woods nearby forests, which have a tremendous amount of wood, so they sold it at a low price.


Amazon also sold the wood at fair prices. You should check the firewood there for low costs.


You can also purchase firewood from the campground. The campgrounds have a massive amount of dry wood. They sold them in bundles. Each bundle comprises 5 to 6 pieces of wood that can b used for 2 to 3 hours. But campgrounds firewood may b have some high prices instead to other sources.

Local gas stations

You should buy from a local gas station store if you are in a hurry to need firewood.
Collect firewood ( option 2):

Every national forest allows its visitors to collect firewood. You can collect firewood from national forests and burn it off your campsite. Visitors can collect dead and down wood for this purpose.
But some campgrounds don’t permit their visitors to chop down the tree because they think the wildlife makes nests on fallen trees and limbs.

How to Store Firewood While Camping?

Outside is the ideal place to store firewood. The logs can dry completely in outside areas. When the logs are completely dry, you can keep them in garages. The main priority is to store firewood in a dry place. It would be best if you also stored them in the trunk of your car or any spare tent.

When you are planning of camping trip, always watch the long-range forecasts. When there is sunshine and zero percent chance of rain, it’s better for camping. You can’t change the weather, so you should always be prepared for any sticky situation.

How to Make Your Firewood Last Longer?

While camping, you have a limited stock of firewood, so you should make it last longer. For this purpose, always burn wood with 15 to 20 % moisture content rather than dry wood. Hardwoods like oak, ash, and hickory burn longer than softwood.
Here are some other suggestions to make your fire long-lasting:-
1. Make a small fire.
2. Block the wind.
3. Reduce airflow into the fire.

Make a small fire

While camping, you have a limited stock of wood, so you should use them wisely. Make a small fire. Encircle the spot with rocks to help concentrate the flame, and arrange logs of tinder and tepee in one or two patterns. When the flame grows, add longer logs of the same pattern.

Block the wind

Wind creates difficulty in camping. You can park your car between your tent and the wind. Wind can affect your campfire. Bushes and trees block the path of the wind.

Reduce airflow into the fire

Campfire light your way on a dark evening. Keep you warm and make entertainment, but when smoke starts following, your fun comes to an end. The hot air rises above the fire, drawing cooler air toward the campfire, and smoke follows you. Trees and wind block the winding path to reduce the airflow. Always use dry wood, and your pit must be clean. Refrain from overfeeding your pit. It also causes smoke.

Opt for longer logs

Using longer logs at a campfire is ideal because longer logs burn more slowly than smaller ones. Long 2 to 3 kinds of wood are easily used in 3 to 4 hours.

Final Thoughts

Most people go camping outside to enjoy and relax in an open atmosphere. Camping is an ideal way to enjoy nature. While camping, you should ensure you have all the supplies you need. The best burning woods are ash, oak, maple, and hickory because hardwoods make longer burn time.

All the woods burn at different times. Some burn hotter, slower, and cleaner, and some make smoke a lot. One of the biggest concerns is figuring out how much wood you need while camping. It depends on trip length, local weather conditions, campfire habits, and wood moisture content. Usually, 4 to 5 bundles are used per day. Each bundle consists of 2 to 4 wood. Hardwoods or better than softwood because hardwoods are long-lasting and produce more heat.

You can burn firewood from different places, such as a campground, a local woodcutter, a home depot, and lowes. You can also gather wood in national forests. But some forests don’t permit to collect of dry and dead wood. 15 to 20 % moisture wood is better for long-lasting time burn.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Firewood Do I Need for Camping?

Following are some commonly asked questions about how much firewood i need for camping.

1. How much firewood should I bring camping?

Answer: You need 2 to 5 bundles of firewood per day while camping. It also depends on your trip length, weather, or time you sit around the fire. You must have an idea to obtain the right fuel to burn because you will waste your money if you buy a lot of firewood. You can also need help if you believe in a small amount of firewood. So you should bring firewood according to the weather and your trip length.

2. How much firewood is in a bundle?

Answer: Mostly firewood is sold as a bundle by many companies. Each bundle consists of 4 to 6 pieces of firewood. Bundles are wrapped with plastic or net bags. 0.75-1 cubic foot of wood will receive in one bundle.

3. How to gather firewood around your campsite?

Answer: When gathering firewood, always check the local regulation to see what is allowed to collect. Rules may change daily in some regions. Factors like wind, humidity, and local lightning storms may affect gathering firewood. It is better to purchase from a campground or any convenience store.

Always gather dead or broken plants or branches. Never strip live trees.

4. Is it ok to leave firewood uncovered?

Answer: The uncovered wood pile is perfectly ok if you live in an area that is dry and warm and rain is infrequent. Firewood should remain uncovered so it can be properly dried.

5. What kind of wood should I use?

Many kinds of wood can be used for campfires, but some are better than others. Hardwoods are ideal because they burn hot and slow. Oak, ash, hickory, and maple are examples of hardwood. Their slow burn means they will last longer and provide more heat than softwood.
8 types of food are best for a campfire.

1.       Ash
2.       Oak
3.       Maple
4.       Birch
5.       Hickory
6.       Beech
7.       Black cherry
8.       Dogwood

6. What is the best firewood for campfire cooking?

Answer: Dry seasoned hardwoods like maple oak and birch are the ideal woods for campfire cooking. These woods last longer and slow burn and provide more heat than softwood.

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