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How Long Does a Coleman Propane Tank Last [ Guide 2023]

Coleman is a remarkable brand in outdoor equipment, especially propane tanks. This green fuel tank is ample for camping, outing, and expedition activities and useful for grilling barbecues and warming up the place.

These propane tanks are of different sizes. It can be used to light up tabletop grills, emergency lights, lanterns, and every device that can be attached. It is easily movable everywhere. It does not create much toxic smoke but handles it carefully. It is short-lasting, but you can refill it whenever it is needed.

The question may arise in your mind how long does a Coleman propane tank last? If you plan to go on an expedition in a remote area, you must keep it with you. Propane tanks have the best market rating capacity-wise. They are of different sizes.

Generally, a small tank with a capacity of 16 oz or 1 lb will be enough for 2 hours, but a big tank having 45 lbs will last for 7 to 8 hours, but it depends upon its consumption. The price of the tank is so low that everyone can afford it. It is hardly 20 dollars.

If you have purchased it, you must know how long it will last and how we can use it and keep it without facing any problems. If you want more knowledge about this article, you must go through it carefully before it is too late, as it is a famous saying that it is useless to cry over spilt milk.

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How Long Does a Coleman Propane Tank Last?

Coleman propane tanks have different sizes, but the most regularly used are 16.4 oz or 1 lb small propane tanks. These Coleman propane tanks will attach to a small stove of 7500 BTU, which works for two hours after turning on both burners on full flame.

To estimate the consumption time of the tank and how long it will last, you can divide 22000 by per-hour BTU usage of the tool to figure how many hours your propane tank works. It also depends on the efficacy of the equipment.

BTUs stands for British thermal unit, a measuring unit used for propane appliances. A rough estimation shows that a 16.4 oz propane tank comprises 22000 BTUs. If you are concerned about studying more related to propane tanks, keep reading to fully understand and grasp the information I shared in the article.

Ultimately it is better to know and protect yourself before any harm. Aside from the cooking stove, Coleman propane tanks can connect with different tools such as lanterns, heaters, camp ovens, etc. Beneath is a table that shows the review of the burning period of a 16.4 oz Coleman propane tank with different tools.

Common Camping Equipment 16.4Oz Propane tank run time
Coleman Propane Lantern 13.5 hours
4000 BTU Space Heater 3 hours
3000 BTU Outdoor Camp Stove Oven 7 hours at 350-degree Fahrenheit
Coleman 2-Burner Fold N Go Propane Stove 2 hours over high flames
Weber Q 2200 gas grill 1 hour and 48 minutes


Different Sizes and Types of Coleman Propane Tanks

 Coleman propane tank is one of the most renowned brands in the market. It is available in various sizes and styles. You can buy one according to your requirements and usage. The most often used tank is a 1lb or 16.4 oz Coleman propane tank, mainly used for outdoor activities. It is lightweight and has a refill service available.

It is economical, portable, nontoxic, and poison less. It only cost less than 20$. After buying it, you will come to know more about it. You will learn how durable it is, understand its usage and become more pro.

How to Make a Propane Tank Last Long?

On cold nights during camping, everyone wants to stay warm as long as they wish. Therefore, a propane tank helps you in this regard. There are some helpful tips better to operate your propane tank for a longer time. After using these tips, you will see a significant change in your propane tank efficiency. These hacks can be implemented quickly.

1. Pre-heated and sealed food

Use pre-heated and sealed food, reheat them before eating to have your meal in no time, and save propane tank fuel.

2. Cook in small parts

Try to cook food in small parts to save energy and time.

3. Use water meals

Take water meals to reduce the time of cooking.

4. Switch off the heater

Turn off the heater when you don’t need heat.

5. Clean needles and connecting pipes

Keep the needles and connecting pipes clean before use.

6. Use efficient burn rate tools

Use tools with improved burn rate to fully utilize the tank because some tools use more fuel with the same units of BTU.

7. Use auto ignition grills

Manual grills waste some gas from the propane tank when they try to connect with it. Use auto ignition grills to avoid wastage. Use small gas grills on a larger tank as they can utilize a small amount of gas.

8. Switch off the device when not needed

Bring your device to 10-15% and off it when you are not nearby.

9. Use warm cloth and blankets

You can wear warm clothes and blankets to make yourself cosy rather than using the heater.

10. Use campfire

You can also use a campfire to save your propane tank gas.

11. Use water heater for water

If you want to boil water, try to consume a water heater.

How to Measure the Level of Propane Tank

Here arises the question of the method to check the fuel left in the tank; for this, we use warm water, a superb hand method. It is an easy and fastest way to check the remaining fuel in the tank. Just pour warm water over the tank and then place your hand along the sides of the cylinder where you will feel cool; that will be the fuel level.

There are six ways to refill the propane tanks.

1.Position the cylinder correctly.

Place the tank in the correct posture. You must carefully keep the big-sized tanks in a solid appropriate place and ensure that it is in a sustainable upward position.

2. Connect the adapter

Attach the switches of both the tanks, an empty one, and the big refill propane tank nozzle. It should be closed tightly by hand without the help of an extra tool; the main tank valve should be closed before the process.

3. Connect the empty tank

Attach an empty tank switch on the big propane cylinder keeping both in a stuck posture.

4. Invert the cylinder and tank upside down 

You must keep the attached tanks in an upside-down position, but the large one should be over the small transfer of the fuel, which requires pressure, which is possible in this way.

5. Open valve on a larger tank

When you open the valve, it creates a sound due to pressure transfer among the two tanks, and it ensures the listeners that the process is done successfully. It usually is done within 5 to 6 minutes, but you must wait for a while for your safety. When both of the tanks come to equal pressure, the fuel transfer will stop.

6. Shut the valve and disconnect the filled tank

Close the valve and keep the filled tank aside.

Pro-tip. The air in the tank lessens the tank’s volume during refilling. To evacuate the enclosed air and to fill the tank up to the whole level, displace the small tank from the connected one, and with the help of a screwdriver, press the nozzle to excrete some air, then connect again with the tank and refill it up to 16.4 oz, and you can do it only once.

Do Propane Tanks Expire?

A detailed answer I wanted to give after listening to the question of propane tank longevity is that propane is a gas that does not expire but is a cylinder that expires. Just because it has a metal body, it damages and scrapes with time, and it becomes the reason for reducing its durability.

A general question people ask is how long a propane tank lasts. A sealed or unopen propane tank lasts infinitely. But an open and used container has an expiry date. After unsealing your tank, are you keeping it in a dry or aired place? Make sure you are keeping it away from hot areas.

Try to store it in a dry and hygienic place. Always place it in a standing position. If you keep your tank, as I said, it will live longer without any problem. Still, to confirm your tank’s expiry date and size, you can see the propane tank’s bottom side or contact the manufacturer.

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How to Safely Carry and Store Propane Tanks while TRAVELLING?

Many things are required for travelling or camping. Campers put stuff in their backpacks along with propane tanks. A propane tank can easily knock over with other things and drop while holding. It became the reason for malfunction and leakage.

A Coleman propane introduces a rubber carrier to avoid these kinds of difficulties. It makes travelling safe, prevents damage, and keeps its integrity. Rubber carriers consist of a connector and a grip for straightforward carrying. It can hold two tanks at a time.

Your safety should be your priority. You should be aware of some guidelines while using propane cylinders for security and safety purposes.

  • Propane tanks are solid but can catch fire if they leak. Therefore, keep the tank away from flammable objects.
  • Save it in a dry and cool place.
  • Ensure to use the propane tank in an area that is well ventilated
  • Try not to make direct contact with heat that is more than 120 degrees; there is a danger of explosion as the pressure inside the tank increases because of outside heat.
  • An expiry date is mentioned on the side or bottom of the cylinder. Follow the instructions written by the company for the best results.

Final Thoughts: How Long Does a Coleman Propane Tank Last?

You should use a Coleman propane cylinder for outdoor activities such as camping or picnic parties. These tanks are available in different sizes and can be used for hours depending on their size, utilization, and efficiency of tools connected to the propane tank.

For your better understanding, I have shared detailed information on how long does a Coleman propane tank last. I hope you can find it informative and learn something experimental from it. Consider that to keep your propane tank in a cool and arid place.

Ensure to close the valve properly and place it straight while travelling. Propane gas is not worthless to waste; therefore, carefully check all Coleman propane cylinders before disposal.

Frequently Asked Question : How Long Does a Coleman Propane Tank Last?

Following are the frequently asked questions about how does long a Coleman propane tank last.

1. How long will a 16 oz propane tank last?

Answer: A small Coleman propane tank with a capacity of 16 0z or 1lb can be usable for 90 to 120 minutes if it consumes high speed on a 7500 B T U burner.

2. How long does Coleman’s 1lb propane tank last?

Answer: An average 1lb propane tank typically lasts approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours on high flame, but still, it differs in size and capacity; therefore, average time will vary.

3. Where to store Coleman propane tanks?

Answer: The best place for the Coleman propane tank is a shaded area with a moderate temperature and good cross ventilation. It should not keep in sunlight.

4. What is the price of Coleman’s propane tank?

Answer: The cost of the tanks varies according to their size. A big tank with a capacity of 45lbs is expensive, and a small tank is $12, and the per gallon price is approximately $4.

5. What is Coleman’s propane tank made of?

Answer: The tanks are made of stainless steel structure; this stainless steel body is solid enough to keep high-pressure gas.