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Do You Need A Pillow In A Hammock? Here Is The Best Answer

The ordinary camper doesn’t have to worry much about space conservation during their excursion. Do you need a pillow in a hammock throughout the vacation since most people try to bring things with them? On your future hammocking trip, it’s essential to consider how to be as comfortable as possible; therefore, deciding whether or not to bring a pillow is necessary.


Since there are no pressure points in a hammock, using a pillow is irrelevant. Again, everything comes down to personal preference. I’ve tried using my hammock without a pillow a few times, but I like it when I do. Therefore, I’ve included all the best advice that I think will be helpful to you.

Why Use a Pillow in a Hammock?

Do you need a pillow in a hammock? To be sure, there aren’t many reasons not to use a pillow in a hammock. However, they can interfere with your sleep, especially if you sleep in a particular position. Most people I’ve talked to say that sleeping with a pillow boosts comfort, but this is wholly personal.

There are a few situations where using a pillow in a hammock is appropriate. Funny enough, it’s not simply about holding your head up. Some people don’t say they sleep well in hammocks, which concerns how their bodies function.

The hammock cushion can be used in the traditional sense, but it can also be pushed under your knees or the small of your back to provide support in areas where a hammock may be challenging. Using a pillow will make sleeping on your side more comfortable. One of the most significant complaints about most side sleepers is that they can never feel comfortable in a hammock on their backs.

Reasons You May Not Want a Pillow in Your Hammock

There aren’t many excuses for not using a pillow in your hammock. Some people don’t use pillows because their hammocks may be smaller, making it more challenging to fit a more oversized pillow inside. If so, I’ve included a list of a few other kinds of pillows you can use below so that that size won’t be an issue.

However, they might interfere with your ability to relax, particularly if you have a particular sleeping style. Most people I’ve spoken to claim that using a pillow when sleeping makes it more comfortable, although this is entirely subjective. It is up to you, some people use a pillow, but some don’t.

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The Best Types of Pillows for Camping

Do you need a pillow in a hammock? If your answer is yes so, I’ve included three distinct pillow kinds below that you can consider for your upcoming vacation, with three points outlining some benefits and potential drawbacks for each.

Best compressible pillows for backpacking

Packing convenience/roadworthiness: These can be handy on the way up to your campsite, providing extra comfort to your joints while driving or assisting with directions. These are essential for car trips lasting more than 5 hours!

Decent size: These pillows are pretty compact because backpackers choose them since they provide greater comfort while adding a little extra weight. The size is helpful for the hammock because a smaller hammock typically requires a smaller pillow for resting. One of the other alternatives might be ideal for you if your hammock is wider.

More expense: You will need to find them online because most individuals don’t have these in their homes. However, many websites like Amazon sell these, and I also purchased a fantastic cushion from this site, so check it out now.

Regular Bedroom Pillows (great for car camping)

Straightforward to Find/Very Soft: Everyone already has one at home, so you don’t need to go out of your way to buy more. Like the compression pillows, these are also incredibly soft. So, this is a pretty comfortable choice.

Non-Extra Charge: As mentioned above, there is no need to increase the expense of your next camping vacation because these items are all around your house.

(DIY Pillows) Pillows You Can Make (Sack of clothes, also suitable for backpacking)

If you need a pillow in a hammock, making a hammock cushion is quite simple, depending on the items in your pack and your environment. There is one tried-and-true way to make a hammock pillow out of the things you currently have on hand.

Both relaxing and sleeping have been accomplished with this method. The roof part of your typical hammock camping setup almost has a bag with a pull rope to close it. That essentially is your pillowcase.

The next step is to choose the filler for your cushion. A bag should fill with a variety of items.

  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Small Blanket
  • Layers of Clothing

It all comes down to your level of creativity. We’ve seen a guy sleep on his Mountain House stuff sack!

Do you need a pillow in a hammock? If you use a pillow in a hammock, you can also use a folded-up shirt, coat, or blanket as a pillow.

The Best Types of Hammocks for Car Camping

While there aren’t many distinctions between brands that I can see, I would advise purchasing a “double hammock” because I have used a few different camping hammocks for my car camping trips.

Because of this, the hammock’s width is more comprehensive than it otherwise would be, giving you extra space for a more pleasant night’s sleep. I would also advise purchasing a mosquito net if you were in a very mosquito-infested location. I assure you that doing this will prevent your starry night from turning into a dull one.

Although there are dozens of different varieties of hammocks (Source), I have limited it to four basic hammock types you will most likely utilize on your next adventure.

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A hammock of this sort is best suited for a colder region because it is made of thick cloth. Carefully chosen for drier conditions because they are typically 100% cotton. They are a stylish option for your subsequent vacation because they frequently are colorful. Because they generally are designed to remain in one location, keep in mind that these require a little more time to set up.


These are ideally suited for beaches because, unlike Brazilian hammocks, they don’t trap heat or block cold air. Couples could find these hammocks a comfortable option because they are pretty broad and much more flexible.


Although they are not the greatest for traveling because they are designed to be attached to a frame, you can still use this hammock if it is the only one you have. Because of tight weaving, these fabric hammocks may provide a significant quantity of warmth and a high comfort level.


I have an excellent explanation for why these are my favorites. These hammocks can be compressed into a little ball and are made of synthetic nylon. They are a favorite of both car campers and hikers due to their lightweight, comfort, and affordability, provided you stick with lesser-known brand names. If the tree or structure can support your weight, These hammocks can be attached to any other tree or building that comes to mind. The thin fabric can make them cool at night, but you can pack extra blankets.

Is It Okay to Sleep In A Hammock Long-Term?

Yes, You can, indeed! If you’re comfortable, you could sleep in a hammock every night. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to sleeping on a hammock, it is generally a good idea. One of the most significant ways to treat insomnia is to sleep in a hammock, and you’ll discover that you get a restful night’s sleep as a result.

Numerous cultures worldwide have been using hammocks for hundreds of years, so there is a significant probability that sleeping in one for an extended period will be comfortable for many. In this article, Healthline discusses various advantages of long-term hammock use.

Finding a sleeping arrangement that is most comfortable for you is crucial. Do you need a pillow in a hammock? Although it’s unnecessary, adding a pillow to your hammock if you have room will only make your subsequent hammock session more comfortable. Additionally, pillows might encourage better neck and back posture.

A pillow will only enhance the relaxing and healthful activity of hammock resting. As a result, the hammock produces a sleeping position that is best for human health.

Finally, Remember to Bring a Pillow!

Given all of these considerations, it is wise to pack a pillow for your hammock and the ride up to your chosen location. Consider how much space you have in your car and how much you are willing to spend on a quality pillow, and then select the options that best suit your needs. Do pillows help to sleep if you need a pillow in a hammock? Remember to bring a pillow for adventures. It will make your sleep more restful.

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Final Thoughts

Most of the questions for campers are do you need a pillow in a hammock? Whether or not to use a hammock cushion is entirely personal. Some people fall in love with the hammock experience and sleep easily without a blanket. A pillow for their hammock isn’t necessary for these types of campers.

Do you need a pillow in a hammock? If you want a pillow for your hammock, you can go about it in one of two ways. The first step is to get a hammock camping pillow. A blow-up pillow, compression pillow, or stuff sack pillow will be helpful.

Although using a cushion with your hammock is not required, you should prioritize quality Sleep as part of your camping experience. You would need to try one, given the selection and quality available. I sincerely hope you found this helpful essay and wish you many enjoyable hammock experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I stop my hammock from rolling over?

Answer: These robust and webbed tie-down straps secure your hammock to the hammock stand fixed for easy access and exit or to prevent blowing in windy conditions.

2. In a hammock, should your feet be higher than your head?

Answer: Your body may occasionally naturally slip to the center of your hammock, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Try hanging the foot side of the hammock about 8 to 10 inches to prevent slipping. Your heavier torso won’t slide into the center due to this.

3. Is it okay to sleep with your legs up all night?

Answer: It can improve your circulation, and swelling can be avoided by sleeping with your legs elevated. Elevate your legs higher than your heart for optimum results. It is made more straightforward to perform with wedge-shaped pillows. You can also move up your legs in bed to improve circulation with the help of using pillows, folded blankets, or similar objects on hand.

4. What kind of pillows do you need for a hammock?

Answer: Standard pillows and inflated pillows are the two major types used for hammocks. You’re undoubtedly accustomed to seeing traditional pillows in hammocks. They typically have a soft, squishy feel and are made of soft substances, such as down or foam.