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How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees [2023] 8 Easy Tips

Camping is the most exciting activity that always brings unforgettable experiences, and if it’s hammock camping, then excitement goes on the above level. There are so many reasons to be excited about choosing hammock camping. Many camping additives use hammocks rather than traditional tents as most hammocks are lightweight, easy to carry and give more joy and comfort.

Usually, camping hammocks are used by stringing the two ropes between two trees between 12 and 18 feet away and finishing them off with a hammock strap. These hammocks are highly comfortable for camping.
But what happens if you choose the best camping site, unpack everything and then realize that there are no suitable trees for hanging a hammock on? However, hanging a hammock without trees is fine on camping sites. This article shares some practical ways to hang a hammock without trees.

How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees? 8 Easy Tips

Following are the best 8 tips to hang a hammock without trees.

1. Make a stick tripod

If you are on a camping site without trees, so for your hammock hanging, you can make a hammock frame. You construct your tripod by using readily available wood sticks. Just make sure that wood sticks are strong enough to bear your weight.

These sticks must be 3-4 inches in diameter and about 8 feet in length. You need three legs for each side and one top rod. Make two tall tripods to hang a hammock above the ground and easily hold you within it. Now secure everything with rope tightly.

Then put both tripods at suitable distances according to your hammock length. Now put a top rod that connects both tripods, and your Hammock is ready to hang. But before using it, test the Hammock’s stability by sitting in it for a few minutes before lying in it to avoid any injury.

2. Utilize old or spare tent poles

You can use old spare tent poles to make a homemade stand. Tent poles are made of more robust material than wood, so there is no need to make a full tripod setup. Also, tent poles are lightweight and easy to pitch.
The things required are two old tent poles and a few j- hooks drilled or screwed into tent poles. Dig a deep hole into the camping site deep enough for the poles to anchor correctly and firmly. Insert the poles and fill that area around the hole.

Now hang your Hammock and test the setup. Place some of your luggage to check its stability. If it’s stable enough, then your Hammock is ready to use. You can sit in it and enjoy your hammock camping.

3. Use your car

You can use your car if you are still looking for a suitable distance between trees for Hammock hanging. You can use this hack if you have one tree or one pole and need one more Your car roof or any other car part that won’t bend or damage can be used as an anchor for Hammock.

Select an appropriate anchor point on your car body that can bear your body weight without damaging the car. Park your vehicle at the desired distance to another pole or tree. Now tie the Hammock nicely. Tie one end of the Hammock to the tree and another ends to the selected anchor point on the car.

But you should choose the anchor point on your car with great care. If you select a wrong or weak anchor point, it may damage your vehicle. Also, in case of a hammock mishap, you get injured.

4. Locate large Rocks

If you are camping in a mountainous area with large Rock formations, you can use these large Rocks. You can use these large Rocks to anchor one or both sides of your Hammock.

Find solid and big rocks with a resounding crack or groove enough to hold a big nail or peg. Otherwise, secure that end with pitons or anchors. Then hang your Hammock there. But before using it, test its stability and strength for its safe use.

5. Get a stand

The simplest way to hang your Hammock without trees is to get a stand.
There are many different types of stands available according to the use. Some are used in the backyard, and some are used for camping. Usually, camping stands are designed to be lightweight, robust, and easily portable everywhere.

A stand that is easily assembled and easy to carry even in a bag is the best option. So whenever you purchase a frame for your outdoor adventure, some things must be kept in mind.


It would be best if you quickly assembled the stand, and it does not require particular skill and tools to set it up.

Strength and durability

These hammock stands must be solid and durable. Also, it must support your weight and be comfortable to use.


It would be best if you carried these Hammock stands with you everywhere. Preferably these stands must be lightweights. Also, it’s better to use stands that can be easily assembled and fixed in a camping bag and easily port.

6. Look for a Hammock structure

Many people only like tents sometimes, and they prefer Hammock camping more. So for those who love hammock camping, nowadays, many camping sites have pre-existing hammock structures.
Usually, many camping sites have these hammock structures permanently fixed, and people can access these structures easily.

But all camping sites need this facility, so it is better to get information about the availability of these structures. This idea of hanging hammocks without trees using permanent and fixed systems will be very popular in popular camping sites.

7. Check for fencing, posts, and poles

If you are still looking for an appropriate way to hang a hammock, then fencing, posts, and poles at camping sites may help you to sort out your problem. But be sure you use these fences or pols without any damage or care.

Also, always get permission from the camping site organizers to use these poles, posts, or fencing. If these fences or poles are unsafe or you need approval, it’s better to drop the idea of hanging hammocks.

8. Use a dog-turtle stand

Many people don’t want to take risks of their time and energy and don’t want to put extra effort into hanging hammocks so that they can buy these dog-turtle stands. These stands are long-lasting, easily affordable, and readily available. These stands are designed and prepared according to all requirements of hanging hammocks. Usually, these stands have a length of 8 feet and can take up to 400 lb of weight. So the use of these stands is reliable, and these are easy to carry without any extra effort.

Can I make my dog- a turtle stand? DIY hammock stand:

If you do hammock camping frequently and like to build things by yourself, you can easily make a DIY hammock stand.
Construction of your dog-turtle stand is straightforward and also economical. You require seven vital pieces of wood, ropes, and connecting accessories.

You have to prepare two tripods with a feasible height. According to the hammock requirement, place them at the proper distance and connect these tripods with the middle rod. Your DIY hammock stand is ready to use.

What tools do I need to make my dog-turtle stand?

If you are a frequent traveller and go camping frequently, you already have most of the tools in your camping toolbox. We listed some essential tools that you might need:

● An AXE to cut down trees and their branches.
● Leather gloves for your hand’s protection.
● Screw, bolt, nails, hooks, peg, etc
● Sharp knife or some sharp cutter to cut wood as desired.
● Hammer

Using these simple tools, you can prepare a good hammock stand that helps you enjoy your hammock camping without trees.

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More Tips for Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is more comfortable and popular than other ways of camping. Always get a good-quality hammock that provides extra comfort and joy. If you are habitual of hammock camping but if there is no perfect hammock hanging place in your camping location, don’t panic or get frustrated.

There are so many easy ways that make it possible. So how to hang a hammock without trees is not a big problem now. Here we share some more tips for your safe and comfortable trip:

1. Have a backup plan

Always have a backup plan if you can’t get your desired camping site. Always bring a small personal tent if you can’t hang your Hammock.

2. Always test your Hammock

After hanging a hammock, sit in it for a few minutes to check its stability before lying in it.

3. Protection from mosquitoes or small bugs

Use some lotion or mosquito net to protect yourself from these bugs’ bites for your safety.

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4. Use waterproof sheets

Use some waterproof sheets that protect water in case of rain.

5. Consider a trap

Using a trap over your Hammock will provide extra safety against any mishap.

Final thoughts: How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Camping is more about enjoying the thrill and adventure at every camping site. It is not about the worries of hunting perfect camping location which has trees, poles, or everything you need.

It is more about how creative you are and how you make something according to your requirements using available natural resources.

This article will help you to become more confident in your hammock camping abilities. This article shares all possible ways to hang a hammock without trees. Suppose you successfully used any of the above methods in your hammock camping. You rocked!

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How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees: Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions about how to hang a hammock without trees.

Question: Can I hang a hammock from the fence post?

Answer: Firstly, It depends on the camping site management if they permit you to hang hammocks from the fence post. Secondly, if you do not have permission issues, check the strength and durability of that fence post. After security clearance and safety check, you can hook and hang your Hammock with a fence post.

Question: How can I hang a hammock indoors?

Answer: There are many different ways to hang a hammock indoors: some best ways are the following:
● You can use Hammock hooks. You can drill hammock hooks and hang a hammock indoors and enjoy it
● If you have exposed ceiling beams, use some ropes, throw over the beam and hang up your Hammock. Tightly tug the rope and check the stability of the Hammock before using it.
● easiest and most convenient way of hanging a hammock indoors is to use a Hammock stand. These stands are readily available and portable. Also, these stands are not too costly and easily affordable.
● Many indoor apartments have vertical support joists. You can use these support joists for hanging hammocks inside.

Question: What is the easiest way to hang a hammock?

Answer: There are many accessible ways to hang a hammock. The easiest way is to use a Hammock stand. Some more easy ways are the following:

  • Use Hammock hooks: You can use these hooks on poles or some vertical joist support to hang a hammock.
  • Use a Hammock stand: These stands are readily available, assembled, and Portable.
  • Use your car: You can park your car near a tree and use it as one anchor point. So you can hang a hammock by using your car and one pole or tree
  • Use old tent poles: you can use old poles and hooks to hang a hammock easily.

Question: How do you hang a hammock when trees are too far apart?

Answer: For hanging a hammock, we need two anchor points. If trees are too far apart, you can use one tree as one anchor point. For another anchor point, you can use one of the following:

● Use one tripod.
● Use your car.
● Use an old tent pole.

Also, if this practice is impossible, you can use a Hammock stand or look for a hammock structure. Also, you can make DIY Hammock stands easily.