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10 Best Movies to Watch While Camping 2023 | Reviews

Camping is an excellent source of entertainment, and watching a movie in a natural setting is an apple pie for a camper. Watching horror movies while camping is more appealing to many campers than other genre movies.

I have done a small survey about the best movies to watch while camping trip, and I found the ten best movies (According to Reddit) based on camper’s preferences and campsite ambience based on ratings and reviews. 

This article helps you to find a movie of your choice and makes your camping experience more memorable and refreshing with your loved ones. 

According to Reddit, the 10 Best Movies to Watch While Camping

Campers look for suitable movie picks to make camping more adventurous and entertaining. And there is no doubt that horror movies in the woods make an overall experience more appealing, but this is not like only horror movies are meant for camping. 

Redditor’s movie suggestions make it clear that movies other than horror make your trip an unforgettable experience. The ten best movies that are discussed below are the following Redditor picks. 

No 1. Day of the Animals (1977)

If you are searching for a horror movie but do not want to turn your camping experience into a terrifying experience in the woods, then choose Day of the Animals (1977). The movie is filmed in daylight, which makes it less frightening than other horror movies.

“Day of Animals” is about a terrible experience by a group of hikers in a forest, and they come across horror now and then. In the movie, wild animals quickly transform into humans and cause destruction everywhere. The concept is associated with Alfred Hitchcock’s (1963) classic movie, The Birds. 

Similarly, other movies also take this concept as Day of the Animals (1977). On an actual camping trip, you can watch this movie as it is a mixture of fun and terror and the forest ambience make it a perfect choice. In a dark forest, this kind of movie is less horrifying and more attractive.

No 2. The Evil Dead (1981)

Evil dead (1981) is the perfect horror movie full of terror and thriller. It creates excitement among a group of friends. It would be best if you watched it but make sure to have some people around you. The natural setting in the woods and the dark forest theme make you terrified and vulnerable. 

The Redditor nominated this horror movie as Evil dead. Evil dead is about the story of some friends that go for an adventure in the woods, and here they find a book of the dead, unknowingly they come into contact with evils from a nearby village, and they lose their lives one after one and only one remaining. 

The first two movies of evil dead were totally in woods and natural setup. There was no link with any civilization. But the Fourth instalment of evil dead has a civilized setup and minor involvement of woods. While camping, you can feel like you are between people and forget about your camping site. 

No 3. The Great Outdoors (1988)

The Great Outdoors (1988) is one of the best Redditor’s picks. It ensures that you enjoy your campsite trip wholly. The Great Outdoors is a comedic movie with a fast pace and funny dialogue and is considered one of John Hughes’ best movies. 

Dan Aykroyd performed his role of brother-in-law exceptionally, and the acting of John Candy was excellent as a family boy who was arranging a vacation for his family. 

The movie is about the trip of two families, relaxing and entertaining, to Wisconsin Lake. It is a great movie to watch at your campsite. The Great Outdoors is for those afraid of bats, bears, and rats. The movie provides information to campers about what is hidden in the woods. 

No 4. American Pie (1999)

American Pie (1999) was the first movie in a series of American pies. And it was a sex comedy film. The movie was about four friends who made a pact that had to be completed before their graduation. 

It was a big hit when released and paved the way for more series. Redditor Hey Scoobz considered American Pie a great movie to watch on a camping trip. As such, this movie has no relation to a camping trip. 

So you must spend time choosing wisely among the best movie picks. It depends on your choice and taste in movies. So decide what you want on a camping trip.

No 5. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

The most beautifully titled movie for a camping trip is The cabin in the woods (2011). The movie was the perfect combo for a camping trip as it was related to a venturing experience in the woods. It was a horror mystery movie. Five friends took a break and found a hidden cabin in the woods. 

The creative movie Cabin in the woods was a Redditor Necessary key 8248’s pick. This movie is one of the good movies, and it should reach classic status. This movie is a must for a camping trip. The screening of The Cabin in the woods improves a camping trip. 

No 6. Stand by me (1986)

“Stand by me” is considered one of the best movies. The movie had one of the best child stars of that time and made this the biggest hit. Stand by me followed a concept from Stephen King Novella. The storyline of Stand by me consists of a group of friends searching for a dead body’s location. 

Redditor New Zookeeper game 4160 suggested Stand by me, a good movie for a camping trip. Stand by me is a mixture of drama, suspense, hilarious, and comedy. On a friend’s camping trip, stand by me is the best movie to rely on. 

It is all about a friend bonding that impacted their lives in a good way. Believe me! It is the best movie to consider on a camping trip.

No 7. Wedding Crashers (2005)

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are the most demanded actors, and they are in Wedding Crashers (2005), which made it a big hit. Redditor Real Vermicious Knid nominated Wedding Crashers as a good camping movie with many laughs. 

The movie is about the excitement of a wedding, even if you are not invited to an event. It is a comedy movie with a wedding theme. It has nothing to do with camping. If you are searching for a comedy movie at a camping site with your friends, then choose wedding crashers. 

No 8. Friday the 13th (1980)

The Genre of Friday the 13th is a horror movie. When you consider it a horror movie, it might not entirely fall into this category, but you can enjoy it whenever you watch it. Redditor aloy suspelunk positively attributed it to an excellent camping movie ‘Friday the 13th (1980). 

The movie’s characters are talented enough to know how to scream and run when in trouble. It gives a pure horror theme because of well-suited characters. The movie was a big hit, and after its success, ten more movies paved the way toward success, and all these movies followed the 1980 film. 

The original movie Fridat the 13th was shoot at Camp Crystal lake, which was famous for a boy who drowned in this lake. And all camp counsellors were trapped and murdered one by one.

Jason Vorhees is a famous serial killer and an iconic character in horror movies, books, and costumes. Those who are Jason’s fans and know about him as a serial killer but don’t know that he is not in the first film, Friday the 13th ., might be disappointed. 

No 9. Deliverance (1972)

Deliverance movie is about a camping trip that is quite devastating and has gone incredibly wrong. It was a thriller movie by John Boorman. Lewis Medlock, an outdoor Fanatic, took his friends on a canoeing trip that had gone all worse. 

The movie suggested by Redditor TurdPhurtis that one should watch this masterpiece of Jon Voight/Bert’s Deliverance”. Deliverance was an adventurous thriller that transformed into a severe and painful subject. 

If you are not considering a triggered concept like sexual assault, watch this movie with your friends. Deliverance is a horror movie, but it would be an excellent choice to watch at your camping with friends. 

No 10. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch movie was released in the late 1990″ s and was a blockbuster movie. It completely changed the concept that one should need a big budget and more equipment for a movie. The Blair Witch movie is a great movie that I made on a tiny budget. 

A Redditor, I love Taylor Swift, recommended The Blair Witch Project as an ideal movie. Three young adults were trapped in a forest by a Blair Witch spell. The movie is hilariously frightening and all fun. 

Suddenly, the three friends disappeared, and only their footage remained. The Blair Witch is a good horror movie in the woods. That is the reason for the campers’ liking. People knew the speciality of the movie and did not believe what they had just watched. Blair Witch is considered the best movie for a camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions : Best Movies to Watch While Camping

Following are the frequently asked questions about best movie to watch while camping.

1. What is a camp-style movie?

Answer: The camp-style movie combines comedy, humour, thriller, and horror. Any movie intended to create fun and laughter is a camp movie. Because camping is fun, watching movies is symbolic of creating fun among campers.

2. Do and Don’t s of camping while watching the movie?

Answer: At the camping setup, choose a movie by taking care of many things. It would be best if you considered these things. Select a good movie by keeping in mind your audience, seeing the rating and reviews, downloading your movie, and choosing your location and movie wisely. Don’t choose any violent movie, and don’t delay your plans while choosing a movie. 

3. What are the movies that everyone should watch?

Answer: I recommend all these movies that are mentioned in the article. These are all the best movies. I also suggest not watching a complete horror movie. Choose a mixture of all emotions in a movie. You should take care of your audience as well. 

Final Thoughts : Best Movies to Watch While Camping

Camping without a movie night is not fulfilling and exciting. The article is about camping movies based on the best rating and reviews and helps you find a movie of your choice. 

No doubt, there are newly released movies available anytime to you. But some evergreen movies are classics and considered the best Movies to watch while camping. It should be a must to watch these movies.

My favourite movie is Blair Witch because I like the suspense and storyline of the movie, and it never gets old. So if you are planning a camping trip, take advantage of this article because here you will find suggestions to make your camping more adventurous and thrilling. Best of luck!