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11 Best Camping Hammock For Side Sleepers 2023 | Guide and Indepth Analysis

Need help deciding whether to bring a tent or a hammock on your upcoming camping trip? Despite the widespread perception that side-sleeping in a hammock is impossible, they make excellent camping accommodations and allow you to experience the wilderness in a distinct and lovely way.

In this article, I’ll introduce the best camping hammock for side sleepers you’ll adore even if you prefer to sleep on your side. I spent hours researching the Best Camping Hammocks for Side Sleepers that came highly recommended and with the highest user ratings. Then I purchased these hammocks and evaluated them based on their weight, size, suspension, and load capacity. So, without further ado, here is my comprehensive review of the top ten camping hammocks for side sleepers.

List of the Best Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers 2023

Following is the list of the best camping hammock for side sleepers.

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In-Depth Analysis Best Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers November 2022

Following is an in-depth analysis of the best camping hammock for side sleepers.

No 1. Hennessy Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock is a highly durable and comfortable hammock designed with double entry. I.e., from the bottom and the side. This hammock features a mosquito net, a 2000mm waterproof rainfly, and an asymmetrical shape that adjusts to your body shape for exceptional comfort when sleeping on the side.


The Hennessy Hammock weighs 2 lbs 12 oz. and has a compact packed size of 4 x 7 x 9 inches.

Size Capacity

The Hennessy Hammock can conveniently fit adults up to six feet tall.

Suspension System

The Hennessy Hammock comes with webbing straps and support ropes that are six times stronger than the rated weight limit of the hammock.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Hennessy Hammock can comfortably support up to 250 lbs of weight, thanks to its sturdy fabric and hanging system.

The initial setups can be challenging, but they get easier with some practice. Additionally, the mosquito net is fixed and cannot be taken off.

The Hennessy Hammock features a thoughtful design and is lightweight and accommodating for the side sleepers. It has superb build quality and shields you from rain and bugs.

No 2. ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest or DoubleNest

ENO SingleNest or DoubleNest hammocks are expertly designed for durability, comfort, and performance. The single nest hammock is perfect for one, while the double nest hammock fits two persons. The ENO hammocks are lightweight and offer high load capacity.


The ENO SingleNest hammock weighs 16 oz, and only the Double Nest weighs 19 oz; both have a packed size of around 4 x 5.5 inches.

Size Capacity

The ENO SingleNest Hammock is 9’6″ x 4’10” in size, while the DoubleNest hammock has the dimensions of 9’6″ x 6’4″.

Suspension System

The ENO hammocks are made from high-tenacity fabric. They include specially designed aluminium carabiners and a nautical grade line that easily secures the hammock to trees, poles, boat masts, or the wall.

Hammock Weight Capacity

SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks can comfortably support up to 400 lbs of weight.

The hammock does not include straps and a mosquito net.

The ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks are built exceptionally well to provide maximum comfort and reliability. It is very spacious and recommended for side sleepers as well.

No 3. Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock is a two-person comfortable hammock that boasts a robust construction at a very budget-friendly price. It is a large hammock with all the fixing accessories and offers a hassle-free setup in under three minutes.


The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock has an impressive, packed size of 6 x 6 x 3 inches and a weight of 1.5 lbs without the straps and carabiners.

Size Capacity

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock has an impressive 118 x 78 inches size that fits two adults very comfortably, and you will still have some extra space.

Suspension System

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock offers a complete package and includes the tree straps and carabiners. It allows for an easy and quick setup and saves you from fumbling with your camping gear.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock is exceptionally strong and can comfortably support up to 500 lbs.

Repacking the hammock and the straps in their respective bags is a problem. The staff bags should be at least one size bigger.

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock is excellent camping gear, especially for the price. It has adequate room for two adults and is lightweight also. Also, this hammock will satisfy you if you prefer sleeping on the side.

No 4. Honest Outfitters Single Hammock

The Honest Outfitters Single Hammock comprises high-strength parachute nylon material. It is also incredibly lightweight and robust and uses hammock straps for fast and easy setup and takedown. Also, the carabiners are designed to be flat and smooth and prevent cutting of the straps.


The single hammock from Honest Outfitters has a packed size of 8.9 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs only 1.2 lbs.

Size Capacity

The Honest Outfitters Single Hammock offers a generous size of 108 x 55 inches for one person.

Suspension System

The Honest Outfitters hammock uses straps instead of ropes to hang the hammock, thus allowing for quick set up and take down. The carabiners are also designed flat and smooth to prevent strap damage.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The single hammock from Honest Outfitters is super strong and can comfortably support up to 400 lbs.

The single hammock doesn’t have adjustable straps like the double hammock. So, tying a single hammock is challenging for beginners.

The Honest Outfitters Single Hammock is a highly affordable and excellent quality hammock for ultimate comfort. It has adequate room for one person and is very strong and lightweight. Also, you can rely on this hammock for sleeping on the sides.

No 5. W/D Camping Hammock with Net

The W/D Camping Hammock with Net is a superb choice regarding quality, comfort, and especially bug protection. It features a pop-up high-density net, usually unavailable in this price range. As it is made with 210T nylon fabric, this hammock also saves your precious camping time with fast and quick installation.


This single hammock has a packed size of 12 x 10 x 3.5 inches and weighs only 1.87 lbs.

Size Capacity

The W/D Camping Hammock offers ample space for one person and measures 8.2 x 3 feet in size.

Suspension System

The W/D Camping Hammock comes with challenging nylon ropes and metal carabiners. Hanging the hammock is easy and trouble-free. The overall suspension system is good enough for the rated weight capacity.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The W/D Camping hammock has a solid and robust build and can comfortably support up to 440 lbs of weight.

The nylon ropes are small and can damage the trees. The metal carabiners could be more durable.

The W/D Camping hammock is an easy-to-set-up and affordable hammock. The bug net makes it an excellent rare feature in low-budget hammocks. It has a fantastic weight limit and is recommended for side sleepers.

No 6. Sotech Camping Hammock

The next hammock on the list is a 1-2 person hammock with all the accessories like straps, ropes, carabiners, and stakes. It also has a rain fly and mosquito net, thus effectively meeting your hammock needs.


The Sotech Camping Hammock weighs 4.41 lbs and offers a packed size of 10.8 x 8.5 x 3.2 inches.

Size Capacity

The Sotech Camping Hammock offers ample space for one person and can comfortably fit one adult and a kid. It measures 102 x 55 inches in size.

Suspension System

The Sotech Camping Hammock comes with all hanging accessories like tree straps, ropes, carabiners, and separate ropes and stakes to install the rainfly. The long elastic cords and ¾ inches-wide tree straps ensure a robust and stable hammock hanging system.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Sotech Camping Hammock offers a robust build and can comfortably support up to 660 lbs.

The fastening straps are pretty small, making it difficult to wrap them around the thicker trees.

The Sotech hammock is a versatile camping hammock that can be comfortably used for any casual trip, backpacking, hiking, or travelling. The rainfly and the bug net shields you from outdoor elements providing a highly comfortable and secure shelter.

No 7. East hills Outdoor Camping Hammock

Another two-person hammock with stakes, straps, net ropes, and aluminium carabiners is the Easthills Outdoor Camping Hammock. It also has a rainfly and a no-see-um mesh to protect you from the rain and bug bites.


The Easthills Outdoor Camping Hammock has a total packed weight of 4.3 lbs and takes up very little space in your pack.

Size Capacity

The Easthills Outdoor Camping Hammock offers generous space for up to two people and measures 118 x 79 inches in size.

Suspension System

The Easthills Outdoor Camping Hammock includes two long straps with sixteen adjustable loops. This hammock offers an effortless setup and takes down thanks to the daisy-chain loop system in the tree straps that save you from tying messy knots. There are also two aluminium carabiners and two net ropes in the package.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Easthills Outdoor Camping Hammock offers excellent strength and can comfortably support up to 600 lbs.

There need to be setup instructions included in the purchase because it is pretty challenging to hang the hammock and the rainfly for the first time.

This camping hammock Easthills Outdoor gives you excellent value for the money and is an all-in-one product. The internal gear pockets and no-um-see mesh are perfect additions to this fantastic product.

No 8. Kinfayv Double Hammock

The Kinfayv Double Hammock is a perfect camping hammock with everything you need. It is fully packed with unique features you rarely find in any other camping hammock. It provides you protection from the sun, rain, and bugs. Apart from the standard accessories, it includes a travel pillow, an eye mask, and a survival bracelet.


The Kinfayv Double Hammock is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 2 lbs, and can be packed in an 11 x 9 inches storage bag. The waterproof rainfly comes in a separate 5 x 9 inches bag.

Size Capacity

The Kinfayv Double Hammock offers a generous size of 118 x 78 inches that is adequate for up to two people. The rainfly size is 120 x 120 inches.

Suspension System

The suspension system of the Kinfayv Double Hammock includes two ten feet straps with thirteen adjustable loops. There are also two D-shaped steel carabiners, two net ropes, and an attached storage pocket. This hammock is easy to set up and take down in just a few minutes.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Kinfayv Double Hammock offers excellent strength and can comfortably support up to 600 lbs.

This hammock is quite bulky with all the included accessories. So, it is not recommended for backpacking.

The Kinfayv Double Hammock is an exclusive deal; you don’t need to go elsewhere. It also has plenty of space for two adults, and the included features make it a highly recommended and comfortable camping hammock.

No 9. FIRINER Camping Hammock

It is a low-budget single hammock with an integrated mosquito net and a rain fly. You cannot expect premium quality or utmost durability in this price range, but it is undoubtedly a valuable and comfortable camping gear for enjoying the outdoors.


The FIRINER Camping Hammock is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 1.4 lbs, and takes very little space in your pack. The complete kit weighs 2.8 lbs only which are impressive.

Size Capacity

The FIRINER Camping Hammock offers adequate space for one person and measures 114 x 55 inches. The rainfly tarp size is 120 x 120 inches.

Suspension System

The suspension system of this single hammock includes two 8.5 feet of tree straps and metal steel carabiners. This hammock is easy to set up and take down in just a few minutes.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The FIRINER Camping Hammock is exceptionally strong and can comfortably support up to 440 lbs of weight.

The tree straps are of average quality and not adjustable.

The FIRINER Camping Hammock is a valuable camping gear that offers excellent value for the money. It is also recommended for side sleepers and is easily set up and portable.

No 10. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

The Lawson Hammock is the last and the unique camping hammock on the list. It can be used both as a hammock and a tent. When pitched on the ground, it acts as a small bivy tent. It also features a no-see-um mesh and attachable rainfly for unfavourable weather conditions.


The packed weight of this hammock is only 4.25 lbs, with all the accessories included. It packs into a 20 x 6-inch bag and offers portability and storage.

Size Capacity

The Lawson Hammock has a comfortable space for one person and measures 90 x 42 inches internally.

Suspension System

The suspension system of this single hammock includes spreader bars and a shock-corded aluminium arch poles system to keep the hammock taut and flat as much as possible. This hammock is easy to set up and take down in just a few minutes.

Hammock Weight Capacity

The Lawson camping hammock boasts a sturdy build with a weight limit of 275 lbs.

You have to buy the tree straps and carabiners separately. It adds to the already heavy price of the hammock.

The Lawson hammock is a versatile camping hammock that can be used at various campgrounds and in outdoor conditions. It is constructed with high-quality materials and well-designed for performance and reliability.

Two Must-Have Hammock Accessories

Following are the two must-have accessories with the camping hammock for side sleepers.

1. Bear Butt Kodiak Straps

You may need to buy the tree straps and carabiners separately because all camping hammocks do not come with these accessories. Additionally, it is highly recommended to upgrade the hanging gear if your hammock has old-fashioned tie knots or average-quality straps or carabiners.

The Bear Butt Kodiak Straps are the market’s most trusted and highly durable straps. Each strap is 10 ft long and has 20 adjustable loops to position the hammock precisely as desired. The straps are 1 inch wide and tested to hold up to 1000 lbs.

2. Bear Butt Rain Fly

The Bear Butt Rain Fly is another handy item that makes your gear more versatile and lets you enjoy the outdoors during wet weather. The bear butt rain fly is lightweight and compatible with all types of hammocks. It measures 12 ft 10 inches in the middle and 9 ft 4 inches on the sides and is made from heavy-duty waterproof polyester fabric.

How to Buy the Best Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers?

Choosing a hammock that fits you in terms of length and width is one of the most vital factors to consider when buying one. Don’t worry; I’ll walk you through everything step by step so that you can make an informed purchase.

1. Weight

The packed weight of the hammock is crucial as these are generally intended for backpacking, travelling, or casual outdoor expeditions where portability is a must.

The gathered-in hammock is made of a ripstop nylon mesh and is ideal for backpackers, hikers, and park visitors because it is relatively lightweight than the bridge-style hammock. Another essential thing to know is the suspension system that comes with the hammock. Because the hammock alone does not carry much weight, and the actual weight is of the suspension and accessories. Most weight-carrying items are tree straps, carabiners, stakes, and slings.

2. Size Capacity

Hammocks come in two capacities, single or double hammocks. The double hammock is suitable for two persons and is bigger, mainly in the width dimension. The length is almost the same for the two hammocks. Also, the one-person hammock usually has plenty of space and a reasonable weight limit. It allows for two people to sit and enjoy without any trouble. But for two people, a double hammock is highly recommended for restful sleep.

The critical point is that you must assess your size and capacity needs well because with more size, there comes more weight. So, if you are not tall or bulky, you should go for an average hammock to trade off well between weight and size.

3. Suspension system

You can use various methods to hoist the hammock. The most preferable and secure way is to use the hammock straps and carabiners. It is also recommended to use straps with adjustment loops for fast and simple connection. The carabiners come in various materials and designs, each having unique properties and uses.
The important things to look at in the suspension system are strength, durability, weight, and ease of use. Remember, more than 85 per cent of the hammock’s packed weight is the weight of its suspension system. Additionally, opt for the suspension system with adjustable straps to ease installation and avoid messing with the tie knots.

4. Hammock Weight Capacity

The proper tenacity and weight limit depending on the fabric and the suspension system. You can achieve good tenacity and feel incredibly comfortable using the suitable fabric and suspension system. It ensures uniform weight distribution without leaving any pressure points and thus adds to the overall comfort.

The weight limit of the hammocks is typically 150 to 600 pounds, which is usually the fabric’s weight limit. The suspension system has a higher limit of up to 1000 lbs for maximum safety and reliability.

5. Insect Protection

You must get a bug screen for the hammock if you intend to camp in an area with bugs. There are many hammocks with bug nets on the market these days. If your hammock doesn’t have one, you can easily buy a compatible one from the market.

6. Rainfly

Another essential hammock accessory is a rain fly. It shields you from rain and storms and acts as a sun shade. If you have the rain fly, you can camp at any location regardless of the weather conditions.

How to Use Hammock Responsibly?

  • Always use hammock straps wider than ¾ inches to prevent tree damage.
  • Choose the best tree and location for hanging hammocks, and use something other than damaged or dead trees for support.
  • When hanging your hammock, ensure you’re not the reason for disturbing the animals or the plants.
  • The hammock should be hung at least 1.5 ft from the ground to minimize the sag effect.
  • Leave no trace by leaving your hammocking spot exactly as you found it.

How to Hang a Hammock with Straps?

Following these four steps, you can easily and quickly set up any hammock.

1. Pick the Proper Trees

Always choose two trees with a gap of twelve to fifteen feet away. It would be best to find a tree at least six inches round.

2. Hang Anchors Head High

The suspension straps should be raised 18 to 24 inches from the ground. It is an ideal hanging point height; make sure you use at least one ¾ inch strap and a tree protector.

3. Tighten It Up

Carabiners and adjustable loops are recommended to stretch or lose the hammock according to your comfort needs.

4. Test it Out

It is the last and crucial part when you hoist a hammock. You should first test it by laying in it carefully and checking if the sagging is right and it doesn’t touch the ground. Otherwise, you can tighten up or lose the suspension system with the help of the adjusting straps.

Tips for Side Sleeping in a Camping Hammock

Longer is Better: Your hammock should be long enough because it feels more comfy and relaxed rather than short. It also helps to achieve a flat body posture which is very important for side sleepers.

Lie at Diagonal Angle: Lie diagonally in the hammock is also critical. It is also an excellent technique for flat body posture and allows you to twist your knees for extra comfort.

Use Hammock Ridge Line: The ridge line is formed by a tight cord that runs between the two ends of a hammock. The experts agree that if the hammock is not stretched correctly, it is less comfy and unsafe. It is much more possible to hoist the hammock with the right sag using the ridge line because you can lock the adjustments and then hang the hammock correctly every time.

Adjust Head & Foot Ends Height: Your hammock should be positioned such that the head end is around six to ten inches lower than the foot. Many people find themselves comfier when doing this than in a flat configuration. You can also experiment with various height levels to have the best possible configuration because it can vary from person to person.

Buy an Under quilt: The next tip is to buy an under quilt for maximum comfort and stability, as it enables you to adjust your body position more quickly. But avoid using the sleeping mattress because it disturbs the hammock shape and makes it unstable.

Find the Hammock Sweet Spot: A final piece of advice is to locate the sweet hammock spot. It is a perfect location and a specific body position inside the hammock for ultimate comfort. You can find this lovely spot with some testing with different body postures, diagonal angles and balancing your weight in the hammock. It may take a lot of time and testing to find the sweet spot, but once you have found it, you will love hammock camping more than ever.

Final Thoughts : Best Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers

Hammocking is a relaxing and entertaining way to camp outdoors. If you are fed up with tent camping or want to do something new, it is a great way to spend your time outdoors. The hammocks are comfortable, lightweight, easy to backpack, exceptionally portable, and offer a convenient and fast setup. Hanging elevated from the ground is fascinating, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery and plenty of ventilation.

As side sleepers usually find it difficult to sleep in a hammock, I have reviewed and tested the Best Camping Hammocks for Side Sleepers, which are excellent for side sleepers. This article will help you find the best hammock for your next camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers

Following are the frequently asked questions about the best camping hammock for side sleepers.

1. Can two people fit in a camping hammock for side sleepers?

Answer: Yes, it is certainly doable. You can find the hammock of your choice if you choose it carefully and consider all the key factors. For instance, bridge-style hammocks are better in this area because they can accommodate two side sleepers and have a little sagging effect.

2. Can you sleep in a hammock every day?

Answer: Sleeping daily is challenging, depending on your fitness and overall health. But generally, it is not recommended as it can cause back pain, neck pain, stiffness, and risk of falling out.

3. Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

Answer: You can always use a pillow or cushion in a hammock to make you more comfortable and relaxed. Read the detailed answer here.

4. Can you sleep on your stomach in a hammock?

Answer: No, I would not recommend it. The belly sleepers should avoid spending the whole night in the hammock if they want restful sleep.

5. How can I sleep in a hammock without back pain?

Answer: If you hang the hammock well, and with the right amount of tenancy, the chances of having back pain are nearly zero. However, you must use a pillow for neck and back support if you suffer back discomfort. You can also sleep in a posture that puts less strain on your back by rolling up a blanket or a jacket beneath your knees to support your back.